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Californian PCH road trip closures?Anyone been recently or going this route?

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georgeclooneyfan Wed 25-Apr-18 11:19:28

On the verge of booking a road trip down PCH from San Fran to L.A, bit unsure if we should wait until the road its fully open again(not sure when this will be as summer was mentioned, then it said September or do we leave it until next summer? I realise we are going to pay more for flights now and availability for hotels etc may be limited as we have left it late. We had thought of maybe flying into San Francisco and going north into Oregon/Seattle etc instead, which looks lovely but would mean researching a whole new area, and to be honest I have almost driven myself mad spending endless nights looking at the west coast route.My kids are 18 and 16 and its our 20th wedding anniversary in July so we thought this would be a good time do to this trip, my daughter is almost at end of her first year at Uni and my son will be going into his last year at Secondary school so trying to juggle when they are off will get more difficult and they may not want to come on holiday with us for much longer (although if we are paying that they probably will!) Thanks in advance

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