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Disney 2019 price hike

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PoptartPoptart Sun 22-Apr-18 21:07:08

The free Disney dining plan has now been released for next year so I emailed the travel agent that we used last year for a quote.
Bloody hell, it was eye wateringly expensive compared to last year angry
Family of 4 (2 adults, two teens) staying in a moderate Disney hotel, flights, theme park tickets and upgraded dining plan for 2 weeks.....
We only paid £19k for 6 of us for 3 weeks last year (well DF paid actually) so how can they justify this massive price increase?

Sevendown Sun 22-Apr-18 22:10:21

It’s the £$ exchange rate.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sun 22-Apr-18 22:15:59

There's a MASSIVE amount of building work going on there at the moment.
Not only is there the new Star Wars and Toy Story bits at Hollywood Studios there's a lot of major infrastructure works around the parks.

Plus a lot of the hotels, particularly the deluxe resorts have had significant additions or remodelling work plus bringing up to date.

The price hikes for park tickets are also meant to prevent overcrowding. The price of a single day ticket is now exponentially higher. I suppose this helps them regulate crowd sizes and pushes more people onto the magic band system whereby everything is booked in advance. (Again the costs of implementing magic bands must have been ENORMOUS.)

We've noticed the difference too. Would recommend booking through Disney direct as then you cut out any middleman fees.

Rufustheconstantreindeer Sun 22-Apr-18 22:18:50

Well thats not good news

We were hoping to go back there for probably the last time en famille next year

It cost us 15k in 2016... better get dh used to the idea of it being 20k

Eggzandbacon Sun 22-Apr-18 22:23:48

I started a thread about this a few days ago. I was hoping it was a blip.
We usually book direct and it’s about £2k more expensive (not including flights) than last year. It usually goes to by a few hundred pounds which I suck up.
Gutted to be honest as I don’t think i can justify booking it now.

thisnthat Sun 22-Apr-18 22:24:54

I’ve just had a look at prices and was shocked at the increase too but think your travel agent is giving you a much too high price! Price up the Disney hotel, meal plan and tickets directly on the Disney website then look at flights separately - we usually manage to get super bargain flights by flying indirect (in the school summer hols).

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sun 22-Apr-18 22:32:10

They absolutely had to do something about the overcrowding though. I've noticed it get worse in the last few years and it really impacts on the experience.

It's worse at Universal-their queues seem to be astronomical for everything. It's expensive but the fastpasses are totally necessary unless you want to be in an hour long queue for every decent ride.

Eggzandbacon Sun 22-Apr-18 22:41:14

Their hotels still need to be full - so raising their prices won’t help overcrowding!

Rufustheconstantreindeer Sun 22-Apr-18 22:41:33


We always used to book a universal hotel

It worked out the same sort of price as fast passes and you can go as often as you like

Plus for the one night you got two days access

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sun 22-Apr-18 23:10:37

They have good occupancy rates Eggz especially during peak season so they can pretty much charge what they want there.

The price hike on tickets primarily affects the 1 and 2 day passholders by making it prohibitively expensive. This way Disney are attempting to control the behaviour of how people visit the parks- either by placing a larger stake in a longer stay (and thus spending more money) or by investing in annual passes rather than doing ad hoc 1 day visits if you're relatively local.

Rufus we were just taking a day out for Universal this year and left it too late too book. I think it was about $90 each for the one-use fast pass which was fine for us as we did the best of both parks in one day and still got to our dining reservation at Disney for 8pm!

Rufustheconstantreindeer Sun 22-Apr-18 23:13:29


Last time we did it it was about $250 a night for the room

We were there all week though and there are 5 of us, now the children are older i think they prefer universal sad

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sun 22-Apr-18 23:18:13

Oh that's good. It does pay to be organised!

I am hopeful that my DD never feels too old for Disney. I think Universal is great for teens though as they can have a bit more free reign as the parks/citiwalk are all part of the same complex.

Rufustheconstantreindeer Sun 22-Apr-18 23:21:36

They still like Disney

Just not as much smile

Plus diagon alley and hogsmeade are great

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sun 22-Apr-18 23:41:43

The HP stuff is fab- I just wish it was a bit more spacious. It can be a total scrum at times.

Currently eyeing up DD's chocolate frogs and wondering if she'd miss one!

Addy2 Mon 23-Apr-18 06:04:42

Could you just get a villa somewhere outside of Disney and rent a car to drive in? We did Kissimmee with a private pool last time and drove to Disney. Self-catered cuts down the cost and you can then visit other places too, like Tampa Bay Bush Gardens and the Kennedy Space Centre. That was a few years ago, mind.

TheOnlyAletheia Mon 23-Apr-18 06:19:09

That price is way too much. I had a quote from VH yesterday for 10 days over half term, in a deluxe, flights, DDP, tickets, v room and that was £7700.

We are doing DIY though as I can get it cheaper.

TheOnlyAletheia Mon 23-Apr-18 06:20:00

Sorry - that was for 2a and 2 teens

Seacow87 Mon 23-Apr-18 06:25:42

Just back from Florida. Would you consider staying on I drive. Defo a saving, more choice re food. Closer to other parks also. We paid aroind 12k for 8 stayed in a really gd hotel. Deals tl be had.

Rufustheconstantreindeer Mon 23-Apr-18 08:05:02

We stay in a universal hotel for a week and a villa for two usually

So i would also recommend a villa

(Take the forg troll tell her it came to life and hopped off like the film)

Heismyopendoor Mon 23-Apr-18 08:10:02

We are doing three weeks end of October into November 2019. Flights, apartment, upgraded car and upgraded insurance for 5, and it’s £5200. Obviously we are another 3k or so for all the tickets we need/want.

I just couldn’t justify those prices.

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