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Cape Town -where to stay?

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RosieLig Sun 22-Apr-18 09:16:50

We’re planning a trip to SA at Christmas and are going to spend 4 nights in Capetown.

The main things we want to do are see the scenery, wildlife (Boulders penguins particularly) and beaches. Not too bothered about shopping. We’d rather not rent a car if we can help it.

We were looking at hotels but because we’ve 3 children it’s super pricey and nearly all booked up!

Is Camps Bay a good spot? I’ve seen a few apartments there that look good and I remember that beach being stunning and wilder than the Clifton beaches.

Another alternative was a lovely guesthouse just at the foot of table mountain but I think we’d need to hire a car.

Not sure I want to be down at the Waterfront as I imagine it will be heaving at Christmas (as will Camps Bay I’m sure!)

Anyway, any thoughts/experiences would be great. Our kids are teenagers if that has an impact on any advice! Thanks!

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AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 22-Apr-18 18:37:19

Capetown is currently in the midst of a severe water shortage crisis.

I would also read the FCO's travel advice on SA paying particular attention to their entry requirements for travelling with children. People have been caught out and sent home from their departure airport as well to get these documents so do not let this happen to you.

Parents travelling with children under 18 will be asked to show the child’s full unabridged birth certificate. The full unabridged birth certificate should list the child’s details and both parents’ details. The abridged (short) birth certificate which only lists the child’s particulars won’t be accepted. The South African Department of Home Affairs are not accepting uncertified copies of birth certificates or copies of the parents/guardians identification.

RosieLig Mon 23-Apr-18 00:14:11

Thanks Attila - very helpful. I hadn’t realised the extent of the water crisis.

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spinduffy Mon 23-Apr-18 19:39:13

Whilst the CBD is a little soulless, it is unlikely to be affected by the water shortage.

We were there last month and had a fabulous time despite the water restrictions.

The wineland region is lesser affected

RosieLig Mon 23-Apr-18 21:53:36

@spinduffy -what’s the CBD? Where did you stay? Thsnjs!

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JumpingFrogs Mon 23-Apr-18 22:34:24

Camps Bay is a good option. Quite a relaxed atmosphere, plenty of places to eat. We rented an apartment there when kids were younger and used it as a base to do Boulders Beach, Cape of Good Hope, and also went into Cape Town itself to the V & A Waterfront. We are returning this summer with our kids (now teenagers) and will stay in Camps Bay again.

Oldowl Mon 23-Apr-18 22:53:24

Hiring a car is a must. Driving is easy and on the LH side of the road, just make sure your doors are locked and no valuables on show.

We saw a car being robbed... by baboons for the family picnic at Cape Point. Otherwise, felt very safe driving in SA. Avoided townships and driving at night. I would not drive round some parts of London at night for the same reason, or let my teenagers out.

NoWayNoHow Mon 23-Apr-18 23:03:21

You'll almost certainly need a car if you're wanting to see the wildlife you're talking about (e.g. Cape Point, Boulders, Kirstenbosch Gardens etc) and just for general ease of getting around. Public transport is virtually non-existent and it'll be a pain to Uber everywhere.

Have you looked at AirBnB? I'd look at anywhere from Green Point through to Bantry Bay maybe (so incorporating Three Anchor Bay and Sea Point). Also De Waterkant.

Camps Bay will be busy and is notoriously expensive to stay in. Most of the restaurants there are also tourist traps so charge you 3 times more than you'd pay in other places. Good for a visit but not a base.

pilotswife Mon 23-Apr-18 23:10:05

We have been a few times, most recently last month - we stayed in a guesthouse in Kalk Bay which we love.
We’ve rented a house previously in Camps Bay and also Simon’s Town. I think a hire car is a must unless you go for a driver & car. Have stayed at the Waterfront but if you’re only there for 4 days and shopping isn’t your thing I would head down to the beautiful beaches.

Seahawk80 Mon 23-Apr-18 23:22:37

I would stay in camps bay. Lovely beach - good for the kids to play frisbee / run around, lots of bars and restaurants and a friendly feel. Def have a car. The waterfront is so busy and just full of shops. Town has a lot of backpackers / bars and can be noisy / a but seedy late at night.

BubblesBuddy Tue 24-Apr-18 02:44:36

4 Rosmead is a fantastic guest house in “town”. It’s a fantastic place to stay. Guest houses in SA are often wonderful. However with DC, Camps Bay is a good choice. Christmas is super busy and lively though.

You really will need a car to see the best of the Cape. You do need to be careful regarding safety but it comes naturally and you do what you are advised re what to do and where to go.

Whilst in Cape Town, pop into The Silo for a drink! It’s a must see!

The Waterfront is hugely overrated. You could be anywhere!

MooseBeTimeForSpring Tue 24-Apr-18 03:13:52

We stayed at The Cape Grace a few years ago when DH ran the Two Oceans Marathon. I saw The Silo on that hotel programme with Giles Coren/Monica Galetti - it looked amazing!

spinduffy Tue 24-Apr-18 05:47:16

I stayed on kloofnek road in a boutique hotel. Last year stayed in camps bay.

CBD is central business district

RosieLig Tue 24-Apr-18 21:51:30

Thanks so much everyone. Currently looking at some (extremely pricey) places in Camps Bay- god there’s some gorgeous houses!!!

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BubblesBuddy Tue 24-Apr-18 23:21:42

Camps Bay is very upmarket! You are not looking at a shabby neighbourhood! South Africans have style.

BubblesBuddy Tue 24-Apr-18 23:24:12

There is also Clifton. Cape View Is a superb guest house there. Very stylish. I’m not sure about house rentals but it’s also a good area to look.

Mercurial123 Fri 27-Apr-18 16:37:24

The Hop on tourist bus is great value and will take you to all the tourist spots which are spread out over the city.

RosieLig Sun 29-Apr-18 10:35:09

Thank you all! Have booked a gorgeous 3 bed house in Camps Bay. We were lucky to get something for 4 nights at that time of year! It’s a bit further up the hill, about 20 minutes walk from the beach. Very excited!!!

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NoWayNoHow Mon 30-Apr-18 14:19:19

Links OP? Will help with the homesickness in this dreary miserable like-hell-it's-spring weather...

RainbowCookie Tue 01-May-18 19:19:15

Book a car, driving is easy in Cape Town, although you might struggle to find a parking spot near the beach over Xmas.
Red top bus is great but it doesn’t go to Cape Point or Boulders.

Take water, practice showering in 3 mins or less grin

Allington Tue 01-May-18 19:36:41

Well, you've booked now...

But for anyone else wanting beaches and Boulders penguins, go for Kalk Bay, St James, Muizenburg. Beaches, tidal pools and cafés, beach walkways and water slide parks.

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