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Pre holiday blues... bad choice!

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leebee2017 Sat 21-Apr-18 10:24:27

So, after Lou was born, me and my partner decided after a long year of no holidays, we'd finally book to go to Mexico as we've always wanted to go.
Booked it, spent the extra money on making it extra special as were only there for a week as it's going to be hard lugging lo's milk and nappies etc for any longer than than.
Any who, been checking the weather for weeks, pure sunshine, no clouds, no rain... we go on Wednesday... the day we arrive it's cloud and rain. Checked every forecast on the entire web, everyone says the same... UV between 1-4 where it's been 11 everyday recently... and guess what, the day we get home it's clear blue skies forecasted again envysad I know we can't predict these things when we book them, but it's made me so sad! I feel like I've been looking forward to it for a lifetime and 89% cloud coverage everyday with 70% chance of rain just isn't doing it for me.
All posts I've looked at say Mexico is amazing no matter what the weather - you can go on so many trips etc... but we can't. Our hub is 4 months old and we can't do speedboats or Mayan ruins with cove diving etc... I just feel so hard done by. DAMN YOU WEATHER!!!! Sod's law. I just really don't want to go - might sound ungrateful but a 10 hour flight with a baby only seems worth while if your excited about the dreaminess in the other end of it sad
Sorry for the rant I'm just having such a sad day, even looked to amend the date but it'll cost £2230 with tui just to do this now!
Has anyone else had a similar experience? How did you find a week of awful weather with little one?
We can't afford anymore holidays this year so I'm absolutely gutted we chose Mexico, even though it's meant to be the best time of year to go - for everyone else who's not going the same week as us maybe!!!
deflated... x

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leebee2017 Sat 21-Apr-18 10:25:28

LO not Lou... smile

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mummymeister Sat 21-Apr-18 12:07:36

often weather forecasts aren't 100% accurate and if you move around a bit you might find somewhere that's a bit better than other places. I think you will just have to make the best of it now. go onto the tripadvisor specific forum for your resort and see what they come up with in the way of things to do etc. out of interest, why did you book Mexico when you knew that the trips would be out of bounds due to your LO?

penguinsandpanda Mon 23-Apr-18 01:47:49

Weather forecasts change all the time, I doubt you will get a week of rain and also you can often work round rain, especially when its warm. I would look up indoor activities but often when its hot and raining you can still do things, bit more tricky with a 4 month old. At that age I would just have stuck to Europe but will be lovely once you're there. When we went to Costa Rica it rained most days but only for an hour or so and rest sunny, rain was always in afternoons so you could easily work round it, its not like English cold all day rain. smile

iwantsomesun Mon 23-Apr-18 12:42:21

Don't fixate on what the forecast says. Mexico is a big place & just coming in to the rainy season. You may get some rain, you may not. The forecast is just saying that it will rain somewhere!
May-October is the cheaper time to travel to Mexico/Caribbean because you take the chance on the weather.
I have travelled to the Caribbean when the forecast has said rain everyday, but it's only happened on my little patch of beach for one morning & one evening over a fortnight.
Keep positive. It's still warm, even when it's raining.

feelslikethewaltonshere Tue 24-Apr-18 21:05:43

Where in Mexico are you honey?

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