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Singles holiday to Australia

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Teenymum Fri 13-Apr-18 20:50:34

Next year I will be celebrating a significant birthday, I've always wanted to go to Australia and have decided next year is the year to do it, the only problem is that my partner doesn't want to go, says the flight is too long, too expensive, can't take 3-4 weeks off work and any other excuse sad I'm now thinking about going on my own and started looking at singles holidays but having never been to Australia or on a singles holiday don't really know where to start, any recommendations?

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NannyR Fri 13-Apr-18 21:08:23

I've been to Australia as a single traveller many times and never booked a "singles" holiday. You really don't need to, it's the perfect place to travel solo. I've done a mix of exploring places on my own and using tour companies, hiring my own car and using public transport. Last year I went to Tasmania and did this walk three capes track stunning but fairly easy and I met a great group of people.
There are companies all over the country doing small group trips, for single people and groups of friends, lots of ages and nationalities; some have a younger, gap year vibe, some are more mixed age, the very best one I've done is Adelaide to Alice springs via the back roads, camping out under the stars in the out back, I can't remember the company name off hand though.
Best thing to do is to get hold of some lonely planet/rough guides from the library and work out where you want to go - you won't see all of Australia in your timeframe but you can see a few highlights, you'll definitely want to go back to see more!!

chatwoo Sat 14-Apr-18 10:48:24

Take a look at Exodus, Intrepid and Explore advent holiday companies. They are not singles holidays as such, but attract solo travellers due to the nature of touring as a group.

Or go under your own steam and book local / day tours. Driving is easy (same side of road, cars with automatic gearbox etc).

Teenymum Sat 14-Apr-18 11:48:58

Thanks for your replies, I'll have a look at your suggestions, quite happy about travelling on my own just a little apprehensive as I've never been before

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