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Jetlag in a Toddler

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DreamingofSunshine Fri 13-Apr-18 20:04:15

DH is limited in when he can take a/l, and we can take 10 days in mid January. We want somewhere hot, and the Carribbean seems the best option. DS will be 17m, will jetlag be a nightmare? He's an excellent sleeper currently.

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Rainshowers Sat 21-Apr-18 11:11:52

Our DD is a brilliant sleeper-we went to California when she was 2 and a half and she did really well (better than us!). The first morning she was up playing cars at 4am but she adjusted really well after that and coming home didn’t really have any problems either. It took me and DH longer to get over it!

DreamingofSunshine Sat 21-Apr-18 11:47:07

Thanks Rainsleeper

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