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Disney world Florida with young children

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Funnyface1 Mon 02-Apr-18 09:55:06

Hi, I'm new to all things Disney, never been before.

I have a 6 year gap in my dc which means currently ds7 and dd18months. We want to go to Disney world and ideally before ds is too old to experience the magic of it. He's young for his age so would love it currently.

The dilemma is, when will dd be old enough? I'm not bothered for her remembering any of it, I just want her to be able to cope with such a long flight, jet lag, traveling miles around the parks.

I'd like to hear from anyone who has taken young children and how you found it. Also any tips for managing with young children and what rides they could use.

I wouldn't take her until she was at least 2 but I'm wondering if I should wait til 3 for her sake. But that just makes ds older and older sad

Thanks all.

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NapQueen Mon 02-Apr-18 09:57:32

Its an awfully long way away for such you g dc.

Could you do Disneyland Paris with them at the age they are now, then save florida for when they are older?

MarthasGinYard Mon 02-Apr-18 10:01:39

We took dd aged 7 last year.

She was perfect age and she's tall so got on everything.

It's probably just me but I pitied all the buggy pushing parents as it looks like a right faff.

If he's young for his age I certainly wouldn't rush.

So much for older kids too

Dogsrbarking Mon 02-Apr-18 10:01:46

I went to Florida with my family including my 3 year old niece. Admittedly I wasn't looking after her but I don't recall any difficulties with her. However, she has no recollection of it whatsoever.

Dogsrbarking Mon 02-Apr-18 10:05:10

My brother was 11 (but year 6) and had a fab time!

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Mon 02-Apr-18 10:07:02

I would second a pp who suggested you do Disneyland Paris first. We took our dc to Florida aged 10,9 and 6, and although they loved it, it is a tiring holiday, never mind with a toddler in tow! My 6 yo got cross that he was too small to go on some rides, and my 10 yo definitely wasn't too old- she was the one that wanted to go on the godawful Small World!

thisagain Mon 02-Apr-18 10:12:23

Are you in Facebook? There are many associated groups. Try typing in Orlando and DisneyWorld and you should find suggestions. The youngest I've taken a child is 11 months and it was fine. My other children were 9 and 17 so we found it very easy between all of us. We just parent swapped on rides and took it in turns to stay with the baby. The older two got to ride everything twice. We go to Disney every few years so we've been all types of ages. Our ideal ages has always been 7+ but it isn't always possible if you've spread your children out in ages like I have.

BeyondThePage Mon 02-Apr-18 10:16:12

They are fine at any age to be honest. It is more YOUR attitude to flying with kids that will colour the experience.

We first went when our kids were 5 and 7, they loved it, they remember it, we have returned twice since.

18 months to 2.5 is great for a "travel along" child because you do not have to pay for entry tickets to the parks til they are 3. Park tickets are bloomin expensive!

We last went when the kids were 14 and 15 - they still loved it, and got "the magic" in different ways - as did we "grown ups". Now in exam years (we go at Easter for the weather - under 30C and low humidity, and not in hurricane season, busy but do-able)

Equimum Mon 02-Apr-18 17:11:58

We took DS1 when he had just turned 2. Admittedly, we were in the States for a few months, so specific jet lag issues weren’t an issue. He was, however, old enough to be distracted on the flights with bits of TV, colouring, food etc, and we got a night flight back which left Orlando at about 7pm, so he slept for most of that.

He was absolutely old enough for the theme parks, especially the Magi Kingdom. There were lots of things he could go on (we found restrictions on rides are generally less than in the UK) and he loved the parades etc.

Funnyface1 Mon 02-Apr-18 17:42:49

Thanks for the replies so far. Like I said, it's really about going sooner than later for the sake of ds who will turn 8 this summer, shortly before dd turns 2.

Thinking of maybe going may/June 2019. Dd will be closer to 3 than 2 and ds will still be 8.

We're wanting to go before ds is too old, then again in a few years time when dd will get more out of it, trying to be fair to both of them.

Just wondering how almost 3 year old dd will do on a 9 hour flight.

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BeyondThePage Mon 02-Apr-18 18:29:58

You see little ones on the plane to Florida all the time - mostly they do just fine, some are more tetchy than others.

Just please, please don't make them eat if they don't want to!! Worst thing I have seen on a every bloomin flight is the "eat up, come on you have to eat something...." followed by turbulence when you hit the air over land edge and the plane becomes puke central...

you can tell the people who have not flown long distance with little ones before.

Jennywallpaper Mon 02-Apr-18 18:43:13

DH and I took DS when he was 16months and he was great! We didn't do Disney but did all the other parks. We flew with virgin and were able to get a cot seat for him to nap in on the plane. It is a long journey and they're out of sorts for a day or so but there was no issues taking him. We plan on going again in 2 years when he will be 6 and DD will be 4, I can't wait!!

AngelicCurls Mon 02-Apr-18 20:27:13

We took our ds 2.5 and he absolutely loved it, loved the characters, the rides, the water parks, Fireworks, ice creams etc! He talks about it still and remembers his favourite rides and favourite princesses, would totally take again at this age-it was magical!

AngelicCurls Mon 02-Apr-18 20:29:11

Oh and the flight was ok, paw patrol on repeat on the way there, took a while to go to sleep on the way back but did eventually and had minimal jet lag both ways

GeekyWombat Mon 02-Apr-18 20:35:44

My DH’s family are Disney World people - he was taken for the first time when he was six months old, we took DD when she was four months old and then again when she was 2.5 and DS was three months old. We’re going again soon with them aged 4 and 2.

I agree with previous posters that at that age it’s more about your mindset than theirs. Research is key - anything you can to minimise queueing like using fast passes is a good thing. Also, if you can stay on property so you can pace your day - we do parks in the morning for a few hours, maybe having an early lunch before heading back to the room for naps for the youngest and down time for the oldest, pool time and then if we fancy it an early dinner out or more park after. We’ve never tried the full day experience but know with our kids it wouldn’t work because they are really schedule and timetable driven kids.

Also, for the flight, don’t be a hero. Screen time, snacks and naps if possible. Don’t be a hero ;)

Unihorn Mon 02-Apr-18 20:39:03

Under 3s are free and 9 is the child cut-off age so next May/June would be ideal to save money really. We took DSD in the summer after her first year at nursery, just after she'd turned 4. We flew indirect, so one 6 hour flight and one 3 hour flight, and she just watched TV and films the whole way pretty much. She had a blast. We'd taken her to Paris a couple of times before too.

We have a 16 month old and newborn now, and 8 year old DSD, so our new dilemma is how to plan that trip!

derenstar Mon 02-Apr-18 21:02:40

Hubby and I are Disney people too... We’ve been taking our girls every other year since our eldest was 9 months and to us is no more faff than any other long haul flight with kids. My youngest still recalls things we did when we went when she was 5 so memories can be made at any age I think eve if they don’t remember it all, you know they had a lovely time time whilst there.

When our daughters were younger, we preferred staying off site in villas for the space and practicality but we prefer staying on site now they’re a bit older as it’s more convenient. I actually think Disney with younger children is a much easier holiday than non Disney as it’s really easy to keep them entertained once there. Just don’t try and cram everything into one trip else you’ll be knackered and needing another holiday when get back. Take sensible precautions re: heat and sun and you’ll all be just fine. The first few nights we arrive use jet lag to our advantage and get to the parks for rope drop as we are up at stupid o’clock. We are often done with the parks by midday and head back to the hotel to chill or mooch around shops and stuff our faces at the Cheesecake Factory

Head over to thedibb forums, there is loads of information and help available there.

Funnyface1 Mon 02-Apr-18 21:09:20

Thank you for the lovely replies, it's really helpful.

I'm a stress head but I know thousands of people take babies/toddlers on holiday every year so it must be doable. Just so nice to hear how much the little ones loved it and that I'm not cruel for thinking of taking her so young!

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Pootle40 Mon 02-Apr-18 21:29:22

I once took my 2.5 year old to visit family in Oz and he was fine on all flights and had no jet lag. I tend not to worry too much about the journey and focus on what's at the end of it. With a little one I would say go for a villa in Florida to give yourself space and flexibility rather than all crammed in a hotel room which is not always easy with a little one.

MarthasGinYard Mon 02-Apr-18 21:32:14

'Under 3s are free and 9 is the child cut-off age so next May/June would be ideal to save money really.'

As pp says

I think this would be perfect and you'd save a fortune

If you are going to stay in WDW book when they have free Disney dining on too.

thisagain Thu 05-Apr-18 22:39:12

Free Disney dining is apparently coming out on the 19th April. If you are staying on Disney property, it is a big perk.

Drum71 Fri 06-Apr-18 19:11:13

I am 48 and still get the magic.

Funnyface1 Sat 07-Apr-18 11:20:00

Thanks all, we've decided to go for it next year when dd will be around 2 years and 9 months. Really looking forward to it now, enjoying the planning stage!

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