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Movingonuppppp Wed 28-Mar-18 16:44:08

Has anyone been to Bali and loved it? I’ve always considered it but the flight puts me off. Is it worth it?

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Movingonuppppp Wed 28-Mar-18 21:56:12


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LoniceraJaponica Wed 28-Mar-18 22:06:14

We went in 1996 and liked it, but we didn't love it. It is the nearest "abroad" to Australia and it is their equivalent to Majorca - Kuta being their Magaluf.

That said parts of it are very pretty, but we were dismayed at just how touristy it was and how much ribbon development there is along the roads. We also took a mini cruise and visited Sumbawa, which wasn't touristy at all, and Komodo, which was simply amazing.

I liked it well enough, but not enough to go back.

S0upertrooper Wed 28-Mar-18 22:14:32

I haven't OP but I've always fancied it, so joining your thread. How long is the flight? 🏝

EscapingAdultLife Wed 28-Mar-18 22:16:33

We went last year and really wasn't keen on it. My younger brother also went later last year and changed his flight to return early. We met my in laws in Bali and they wasn't too impressed either. Definately Benidorm for Australians. Sorry to sound so negative

LadyGAgain Wed 28-Mar-18 22:28:05

We absolutely love it. Went for third time last year. The Balinese are wonderful people and the food is incredible. The culture and religion is everywhere and beautiful. Avoid kuta of course. Get the lonely planet and plan to do some time at the coast as well as inland in the rain forest. I'm envious just writing this!

DreamingofSunshine Wed 28-Mar-18 22:32:06

I've not been in ten years but if you avoid kuta it's lovely. The Gili islands are worth looking at too if you go.

NotPennysBoat Wed 28-Mar-18 22:35:15

We've done a lot of travelling, and Bali is one of the few places I'd go back to. Avoid Kuta as pp have said, but Ubud is wonderful and we also liked Seminyak.

ShanghaiDiva Thu 29-Mar-18 10:24:31

Agree with others Ubud is lovely, but Avoid kuta. I have friends in Jakarta and they rate nusa Dua, but I have not been.
Scenery is amazing, great food, amazing temples, but infrastructure struggles to cope with the increased traffic.

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