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Winter sun ☀️ with kids

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AngelicCurls Mon 19-Mar-18 21:13:44

Looking for suggestions for winter sun next year with 2 kids 6 and 3. We’ve been to disney world (loved it but don’t want to go back so soon) Lanzarote (hated it-weather not good enough for beach and disnt like the island) in winter and France/Greece/Majorca villa type hol in summer. Obv will need to think about long haul, don’t want beach hol but equally not somewhere with only ‘culture’ to entertain the kids (me and DH would like it but the kids less so!)

So hit me with your winter sun suggestions 😀

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bellsbuss Mon 19-Mar-18 21:28:43

If long haul and budget permitting what about Dubai ? If you shop around you can get good half board deals and children normally stay free. There's lots to do, 4x4 dessert trip, camel riding, ski Dubai , aquarium , wild wadi water park , Burj Khalifa Tower and fountains. Costa Adeje in Tenerife is lovely too with lots of good day trips, zoo , water park , boat trips etc. Cape Verde is also a nice temp , I went 10 years ago and there wasn't loads to do but I think it's moved on a lot since then

Curlybrunette Tue 27-Mar-18 20:17:16

Hey, I'll join here if that's ok AngelicCurls, I'm looking for a winter holiday for this year too, we want to go away for Xmas anywhere between 10-16 days, don't really mind where but it's got to be really warm or hot.

I did look at Florida, thought about doing 3 days theme parks and then travelling, maybe Miami, Everglades or something. I quite fancied a cruise, we've never done that before. I thought maybe something like 5 days days somewhere, 4 night cruise, 4 days theme parks.

I went to Tenerife years ago in January and it wasn't that warm, it was sunny but the wind was really chilly so it didn't feel that warm.

I hadn't thought of Dubai bellsbuss, Ds's will be 12 & 11 by then, will be there enough for us to do for around 2 weeks? I don't really know anything about Dubai?


mayhew Tue 27-Mar-18 20:23:21

Cape Town! Surprisingly inexpensive once there. And beautiful. It's their summer too.

Jfw82 Tue 27-Mar-18 20:25:16

If you can face the flights Thailand. Did it jan this year with ds age 1 and 2 years ago with DSS11 and DSD9. Family friendly little ta if beach and pool but options for trips and excursions

EclecticDream Tue 27-Mar-18 21:29:56

Sri Lanka



Costa Rica

Fintress Tue 27-Mar-18 21:35:38

2 weeks is far too long to spend in Dubai (in my opinion).

Thailand - Andaman coast at that time of year
Sri Lanka
Almost anywhere in the Caribbean

AngelicCurls Sun 01-Apr-18 20:39:18

THanks for the responses, sorry for slow reply, forgot I’d posted. Like the suggestion of Cape Town, Not keen on Dubai and as pp not keen on any of the canaries, wasn’t that warm when we went to lanzarote and was just a bit crap! Would love to do costa road or even somewhere Like chile but think will wait til the kids are old enough to appreciate the culture. We are now thinking of just saving for a repeat Florida trip in spring instead, but doing stuff as well as the parks. The kids loved the Disney magic so much I’d like to go back whilst they are still young enough to believe in all the characters and stuff!

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mayhew Mon 02-Apr-18 05:31:18

Great thing about Cape Town is, long haul with no jet lag! It's the same time zone as Spain.

MissMarple11 Mon 16-Apr-18 15:23:25

We were in Phuket last xmas and the weather was perfect, we left on the 1st and they had quite a bit of rain after that so even though the rainy season is over it can still rain a lot but the first two weeks were lovely.

Our son is 6 and its such a family friendly place. I would suggest going down the Kata/Karon Beach area rather than Patong though.

I'm looking for suggestions for this Christmas. We were thinking Goa/Lombok or maybe Sri Lanka.

bakingaddict Mon 16-Apr-18 15:30:12

I’d look at S.E.Asia. Fly into Singapore as they have lots of cheap flights and do 4 to 5 nights there. You’ve got Universal studios, Gardens by the Bay, Night zoo, water parks and Sentosa island. From there you can pick up any of the low cost carriers such as Jet Star Pacific or Air Asia and pop over to places such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand etc etc.

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