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Traveling to Maine with 8 month old.

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hollyw23 Sat 17-Mar-18 23:08:22

The family are traveling to Maine via Logan Airport in Boston with our 8 month old son who is on solid food as well as milk. No idea about what to do regarding sterile water as the plane does not provide it and also since airports can be quite strict with liquids, does anyone know what are the regulations are for this as well as food for him?

Should we pre-make bottles or just carry hot water in a flask? It says on the milk that it will only last 2 hours if left out unless refridgerated but can’t really do that at an airport.

Any advice for long haul flights would be appreciated as we are first time parents and haven’t traveled far as a family yet.

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mysteryfairy Sun 18-Mar-18 09:45:58

Get cartons of made up milk airside from boots?

juneau Sun 18-Mar-18 09:49:18

You can buy everything you need at Boots airside - jars of baby food, juice, ready-made formula - you name it. And I would advise you to do this rather than try to take wet food and drinks through security, because I was made to open every single one and taste it (i.e. contaminate it), so I had to throw it all away anyway.

WhoSaidWhat Sun 18-Mar-18 09:54:56

Order everything you need a week in advance from boots and get it delivered to the boots past security.

WhoSaidWhat Sun 18-Mar-18 09:56:11

Also meant to say that most airlines will heat up milk for you and do it the proper way as in a container of boiled water. Which airline are you flying with?

AssumethePerpendicular Sun 18-Mar-18 10:01:28

I’ve recently done west coast with a 6 month old. I ordered milk and food from boots and had it delivered airside so no hassle at all with security.
I assume you are driving from Boston? We took our own car seat rather than hire one.
The flight was fine, the worst bit was the long wait for security. Take a sling to help getting him to sleep on the plane if you need and also for carrying around the airport before you get your pushchair back.

Have fun!

hollyw23 Sun 18-Mar-18 11:47:57

We are flying with British Airways. Ordering things to boots is a very good idea thank you! Didn’t think of that!!

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hollyw23 Sun 18-Mar-18 11:49:04

We were wondering about car seats too as yeah we are driving from Boston and I don’t think the car company we are with hires car seats out so we will probably need to take our own.

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juneau Sun 18-Mar-18 12:14:14

The car seats that rental companies give you are always shit anyway - often have broken parts, dirty, not the right size, have different fixings than what you're used to, etc. We always took our own once we realised. You can buy a special bag to put your car seat in so it is safe and stays clean in the hold of the plane. A car seat and push chair are part of your luggage allowance when you travel with a DC, so you won't have to sacrifice a suitcase in order to take your car seat.

hollyw23 Sun 18-Mar-18 12:36:07

Oh that’s perfect! Do you know where is best to get these bags to protect the car seat?

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juneau Sun 18-Mar-18 14:40:51


WhoSaidWhat Sun 18-Mar-18 17:13:16

Yes we got a bag of Amazon. Was very handy to keep the car seat clean and managed to sneak in a few extra items...

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