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Anyone familiar with Toronto/Montreal/Niagara Falls?

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YesIMeantToBeThatRude Mon 12-Mar-18 19:31:25


Planning a trip this summer to these places

1. Is the weather reliably warm and sunny in July?
2. Is it easy to get between these places on public transport? We definitely do not want to drive.
3. Can anyone recommend any hotels in Toronto/Montreal with an outdoor pool?
4. Any other comments welcome!


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nmg85 Tue 13-Mar-18 22:17:05

As with anywhere it will never be 100% but usually the weather is good in July. Yes you can get trains between all destinations but they must be booked in advance. For Niagara you can do the train, bus or a tour.

YesIMeantToBeThatRude Wed 14-Mar-18 09:47:11

Thanks smile

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SJane45S Sat 17-Mar-18 09:27:36

As above, not guaranteed but yes it’s warm! You can get the bus down to Niagara Falls (do a day trip, don’t stay there - once you’ve ‘done’ the falls there isn’t much to see!). There are regular trains & buses from Toronto to Montreal - train is quicker but bus is cheaper (check Greyhound for details). Quebec is fab if you can fit that in your trip too!

marjorie25 Tue 15-May-18 04:02:25

I would not take Greyhound.
Take Amtrak or the Canadian equivalent from either Toronto to Niagara Falls. You will have to book up in advance.
Not sure if you want to visit the US side, but if you do, there is a FREE trolley that takes you all over Niagara, you just tip the driver when you leave.
You can download the app from google play store.

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