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Thailand - Oct half term

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TolstoyAteMyHamster Sat 03-Mar-18 09:56:22

Is it crazy to think this might work - ideally we’d fly on the Friday night, have a few (4?) nights on a beach somewhere then go to Bangkok. I’ve been before (years ago) and think 2 nights there would probably be enough. dc are pre/early teens and it would just be me and them. I assume someone like Trailfinders would be a good place to start?

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Fintress Fri 09-Mar-18 07:38:40

Personally that would be exhausting, it's too far to travel for such a short time. We did Bangkok and beach in November but went for 3 weeks, you need a couple of days to acclimatise when you arrive.

DinaCaliente Fri 09-Mar-18 11:49:03

It's do-able if you get a direct flight to and from Bangkok (11 hours) and can sleep on the plane and arrive feeling refreshed. Being able to sleep on the plane is the key.

The internal flights from Bangkok are usually short (i.e. 55 mins to Koh Samui) and doing it this way beats the 7+7 hour or more flights you have to do with a stopover in somewhere like Dubai if you don't fly direct.

Look at the weather for October as different parts of Thailand have different rainy seasons.

Matilda1981 Fri 09-Mar-18 11:52:19

It’s definitely do able - I went to Malaysia in half term last October - flew Friday evening and came back the following Sunday (the Monday was an inset day). I’d go for it!

Wobbleslikeaweeble Sat 10-Mar-18 01:29:57

Doable but not ideal. We did Singapore and Penang over a 6 nt trip - with kids.

GrinAndTonic Sat 10-Mar-18 02:48:11

Go for it.
Id look at Groupon and Scoopon (try the Australian ones) as there are always deals for Thailand on there.

Lifeaback Sat 10-Mar-18 21:18:56

It's definitely do able but I don't think you'd enjoy it as much as you would if you had a bit longer- you'll be very jet lagged and it's a lot of travel in a short space of time. Thailand is a bit of a shock to the system if the kids haven't been to south east Asia before, and I think you need longer there to acclimatise- save it for when you have the opportunity to go for longer IMO

TolstoyAteMyHamster Sun 11-Mar-18 11:06:03

Thanks, everyone. Maybe a rethink. We’ve done Crete (lovely but a bit of a gamble weather wise) and the Canaries seem £££ for what you get. Am pondering Oman currently, as that seems to deliver on weather and culture. The dc would be happy on the beach with WiFi in the room but I think it’s better to have an option of at least a day trip somewhere interesting. Warm is a must...anywhere anyone can suggest? (Not Dubai...been and hated it).

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Fintress Sun 11-Mar-18 13:27:50

Abu Dhabi, they have Ferrari World there, might be attractive to the kids? Not as in your face as Dubai.

BubblesBuddy Mon 12-Mar-18 12:48:02

I think Morocco would be better or Jordan. The gulf states are not that much different from each other. All ultra modern and shopping plus camels.

VileyRose Fri 16-Mar-18 10:32:30

Mum and I went go oz for just 6 days so it could work!

SJane45S Mon 19-Mar-18 08:31:47

Oman is great - Muscat has far more of an old Arabian feel than Dubai & there are good beaches, old fort towns & mountains. If your kids like things like snorkelling & jeep safari’s then they’ll like it. It is expensive though! Not all Gulf States are the same - Abu Dhabi is similar to Dubai but you’ll get a similar experience to Oman in Fujairah & Ras Al Khaimah (would probably be cheaper too though probably less to do!), i’m looking at Kerala at the moment for the October half term - seems to be cheap to get to & stay in & with reasonable weather. May not be an improvement on Thailand though re jet lag! How about Gambia as another idea? Flight times look v reasonable!

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