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Argentina with under 10s - your tips please!!

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ReadingTeaLeaves Sat 03-Mar-18 00:49:53

We are going to Argentina for 10 days later this year, to tie in with a work trip. Kids are both under 10, but adventurous and up for a lark. Where should we go, what should we see? I don't want to be too crazy with two young kids, so I am thinking that we stick within driving distance of BA (and possibly a venture into Uruguay). Please please give me your recommendations? Is it worth flying to Mendoza or their lake district for a day or two? Will we regret it is we don't?

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BubblesBuddy Sat 03-Mar-18 23:07:09

We are going in April but for longer. No children though. I know you can go to the Iberia wetlands near BA and venture into Uraguay, but we are doing Mendoza, Calafate and The Lake District. We are staying in the Lake District for 5 days and I think, with children, this would be my choice. Not sure a day or two is worth it but 3 nights could work depending on flight costs and a not overly ambitious itinerary. We are hiring a car. There are great little hotels and we are excited about going. I think I would not just stay around BA. I might regret that but I believe Uraguay has a few interesting towns which can be reached from BA fairly easily for a change of scene.

ImNotChangingMyUsernameAgain Sat 03-Mar-18 23:14:25

We had a great time with our almost 6 year olds.

We missed Iguazu Falls and regretted it afterwards. We did 4 nights in BA and 2 weeks in Uruguay, a week in Carmelo (a short ferry ride from BA) and a week on the coast in Jose Ignacio (very chi chi in high season). I'd suggest 3 nights in BA, 2 nights at the Falls and 5 nights chilling in Carmelo would make a good trip.

The Hyatt Carmelo Resort and Spa is a great family oriented hotel. It used to be the Four Seasons so it has all the fancy facilities and service without the usual 4S price tag.

NowtSalamander Sat 03-Mar-18 23:18:46

If you want to leave BA (could easily spend whole time there) I’d fly rather than go anywhere driveable. Either Mendoza, Bariloche or Salta. Maybe Bariloche with kids, if they are sort of kids who would like water sports, cycling etc.

But if it were my two, I’d do half the time in Salta, half time in BA. Hire a car in Salta and drive round - the landscape is surreal and incredible and like nothing we get in Europe, unlike Bariloche which some people like because it feels like Switzerland or something. It’s all cacti, desert, and amazing coloured mountains- looks like a different planet.

Some people love Mendoza too, but mostly people I know who are obsessed by wine.

You’re so lucky - any of these options are amazing. Children will love the food too - Italian options galore, including great ice cream!

NowtSalamander Sat 03-Mar-18 23:19:39

OH Sorry, yes and Iguacu - that’s imperative.

Svalberg Sat 03-Mar-18 23:25:08

Iguazu without question. You need at least 2 whole days to see it - once from the Brazilian side (take in the bird park too) and 1 day from the Argentine. BA is very like Madrid. The day trip to Uruguay is essential just so that you can say you've been to Uruguay for the day...

BubblesBuddy Mon 05-Mar-18 16:24:41

We went to Iguazu falls on a holiday to Brazil and went to both sides. Definitely try and go!

ReadingTeaLeaves Thu 08-Mar-18 00:02:58

Fabulous advice here thank you. Totally in line with our thinking. BA, Iguazu, Uruguay if we can.

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Sounbelievablydull Thu 15-Mar-18 16:32:29

Just high jacking your holiday plan here!
Those who have already booked or been did you book your own internal flights in Argentina - we are struggling to work out the best way to do this

Svalberg Mon 02-Apr-18 09:22:43

Late answer: No, DP was already in S.A. & used a travel agent out there. It ended up in us not using the last 2 legs of the trip as it took us from BA city airport to Montevideo then back to BA international (further away from the city centre) for no achievable purpose other than making the whole package cheaper! We flew Aerolineas Argentina throughout & stayed on the Argentine side of the Iguazu border (which saved me an injection then because as we all know, mosquitos respect borders...)

ReadingIsFundamental Mon 02-Apr-18 09:42:15

This just popped up in Active so I may be too late replying but I’d recommend taking an internal flight to el Calafate and taking them to see the Perito Moreno glacier. It’s incredible. Iguazu Falls if you can’t get to el Calafate, but both if at all possible.

I thought the Argentine Lake District was very similar to lots of areas in Europe so I wasn’t so blown away by it as the above areas. I absolutely loved the Talampaya and Ischigualasto national parks (UNESCO world Heritage sites), they have incredible landscapes and are the site of many dinosaur fossils but trying to fit a visit in on a 10 day trip might be just too much.

Enjoy your trip!

BubblesBuddy Mon 02-Apr-18 10:41:51

We have used an agent to book our internal flights. It wasn’t easy, even for them. The timetables and scheduled seem to change.

I hope the Lake District is good!!! It appeals to us. We shall see.

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