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How do you entertain yourself on a long haul flight

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Tellmewhatyouknow Wed 28-Feb-18 10:02:17

I have a ten-hour flight coming up soon. I plan to download some films I've been waiting to watch and take a couple of books.

Any other suggestions on ways to pass the time?

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BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 28-Feb-18 10:04:48

I mostly sleep and read my Kindle. I know some people find it hard to sleep on planes though.

yellowplumpreserves Wed 28-Feb-18 10:04:51

We do a lot of long haul flights. Your flight normally would have in flight entertainment to watch. I watch films, read books (and try to entertain small children),

IAmBreakmasterCylinder Wed 28-Feb-18 10:05:44

I find it really hard to concentrate on reading on a flight. Too much coming and going.

I download podcasts and audio books.

Comedy or sitcoms are also good to break things up.

IAmBreakmasterCylinder Wed 28-Feb-18 10:06:13

Good headphones are a must for me too.

SisterNotCis Wed 28-Feb-18 10:07:26

Just books. Don't like headphones & rarely sleep on planes. Prefer a window seat so can look out a bit.

LiveLifeWithPassion Wed 28-Feb-18 10:08:19

Who are you flying with? There’s usually a good selection of films and tv to watch.
I usually take a couple of easy read books too.

LiveLifeWithPassion Wed 28-Feb-18 10:09:04

Download an audiobook too so you can close your eyes and relax.

BossWitch Wed 28-Feb-18 10:14:31

Drink until I fall asleep. Or used to, when I was young enough to be able to wake up in a new time zone without either a hangover or jetlag! Ah, to be 19 again!
Now - books, watch the films on in flight entertainment, try to sleep, eat whatever they'll give me.

juneau Wed 28-Feb-18 10:19:13

Noise cancelling headphones
iPod for music
In-flight films and TV/radio, etc
I usually have a little doze too and if it's night time I try to sleep. Depends where you're going, but if it's winter and midweek you often get a spare seat or two around you so can stretch out. I can't sleep sitting up, but if I can get flat - yes!

ClaudiaWankleman Wed 28-Feb-18 10:24:38

I have two glasses of brandy and fall asleep for most of the flight!

I also enjoy language learning podcasts.

Tellmewhatyouknow Wed 28-Feb-18 10:26:13

Not much chance of spare seats. We are flying on the first Saturday of the Easter holidays.

Dh and dd will be with me but dh will happily watch films for the full 10 hours. Dd is 13 and will play on her nintendo ds for most of the flight.

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juneau Wed 28-Feb-18 10:31:35

Easter hols? Okay, no chance of spare seats then.

snowgirl1 Wed 28-Feb-18 18:58:24

Watch a film, eat, watch a film, snooze, eat, read a book or magazine.

GreenShadow Wed 28-Feb-18 19:59:48

I'm not a big film watcher normally but on our recent 12 hour flight, I watched 3 brand new releases - Paddington 2, Three Billboards and Kingsmen 2.
On the way out I tried to sleep for much of it .
Plus obviously reading and a puzzle book.

Aragog Wed 28-Feb-18 20:05:56

Inflight entertainment - films, TV programs, seat back games, watching the flight map. Take on headphones. I got new noise cancelling ones this year and it made a huge difference.

Colouring - I take a pencil case and a small colouring book

Kindle - I read a fair bit

iPad/Phone - most seats have a USB to retain battery charge; downloaded apps

Plus you'll get a couple of meals on a 10 hour flight plus drinks/snack.

Ginslinger Wed 28-Feb-18 20:11:19

reading, crosswords, chatting, sketching, film, eating and dozing

Nakedavenger74 Thu 01-Mar-18 08:22:13

I'm usually on 27 hour flights (17 hour leg for one of them) so 12 hours is a doddle. Key is variety and noise canx headphones and a cheap bed pillow to rest against window/fuselage. Much depends on your carrier and plane. I'm used to Emirates and an A380:
- Most of time watching box set TV series or comedy episodes on the in flight system. Helps my short attention span rather than movies.
- occasional movie
- listen to music or podcast with eyes shut
- walk up to galley, stretch, stand around for a bit. Drink loads of water. Wee. Ask for billionth gin and tonic
- bring tiny samples of lovely skincare. I waste a good hour massaging oils and creams into my face
- Mumsnet! If your plane has wifi
- kindle books but I tend not to be able to read properly
- iPad with comedy favourites. V comforting to watch Alan Partridge for the hundredth time 8 hours into a 17 hour flight and everyone else is asleep
- crap mags on the iPad! Take a break and chat for a good laugh about Turkish Love Rats and exploding boobs
- more Gin and tonic or maybe a red wine this time.
- look outside. Look at moving map
- gin and tonic
- change and freshen up 2 hours before landing (an hour before the loos will have huge queues of clothes changers and teeth brushers, get in before the hordes descend)
-bring a cotton tote with jumper, scarf and change of clothes. Acts a place to rest your feet
- gin and tonic

Trills Thu 01-Mar-18 08:26:36

Has anyone said "drinking" yet?

Nakedavenger74 Thu 01-Mar-18 08:35:35

A billion gin and tonics pass the time for me @Trills grin

bigfatbuddha Thu 01-Mar-18 10:15:46

I don't start to entertain myself till I get bored. So we'll be up jn the air for a bit before I start. I love reading on my e-reader and I watch series and films. I always bring some puzzle book with me and pen and paper for if I want to draw domething. The second that I feel that I might be able to doze a little I will close my eyes. Sleep is your friend. Although I'm used to 24 hrs journeys so 10 hours would seem easy for me. I second freshening up in time. The last hour can be too busy at the loo.

I don't drink alcohol and I have seen really aggressive drunks on planes so I'm not a fan. Also, in the case of an emergency I'd like to keep my brain fresh. But I have had an emergency landing before (went well) so that might just be my experience.

mogulfield Thu 01-Mar-18 10:18:12

I’d drink, then sleep because of said drink... usually that would see off the first 6/7 hours then a film before landing!!

whataconundrum Thu 01-Mar-18 10:18:58

Ahhh I wish. We are about to go on one with a baby 😉

LoniceraJaponica Thu 01-Mar-18 10:22:54

Definitely invest in some decent headphones. We flew with Virgin Atlantic a couple of years ago and the headphones they provided weren't very good. The film/TV/audio selection was excellent.

I also like to read and do logic puzzles and keep them with me on a flight.

ScreamingLevitation Thu 01-Mar-18 10:23:00

Earplugs and sleep. Make sure you take/wear enough food/clothes so that you're toasty warm and drift off asap.

Yes, I am the one that always reclines their seat immediately the seatbelt sign goes off.

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