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Jeju Island / South Korea

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ZombieHunter Wed 14-Feb-18 08:44:54

Anyone been to Jeju? Close to where I currently live (Shanghai), thinking of going there first week in April.

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ClaudiaWankleman Wed 14-Feb-18 08:51:30

I've been! On the 9 kuai tickets they did one year. It was fun but I found it rather limited in terms of what to do. A week is probably the maximum I could do there, including a beach day or two and sight seeing. Everyone was very friendly, although not much English (this was three years ago) so I spoke mandarin to most people and they still didn't always really understand what I wanted. Overall would recommend for a short break.

ZombieHunter Wed 14-Feb-18 10:41:14

Thanks, that sounds promising. It's going to be 7 days max, just a week to unwind and change of scenery from Shanghai. It would be during cherry blossom time and sounds more appealing than Tokyo (and much, much cheaper) hence we started looking into it.
Did you go snorkelling / diving? Wondering if we can fill a couple of days underwater, possibly even trip to the other island (Ubo?).

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ShanghaiDiva Wed 14-Feb-18 15:31:08

I went about 7 years ago- great geological features including amazing hexagonal rock formations. Visited hallim park, waterfalls, caves etc and easy to get around by bus or taxi.

ZombieHunter Sun 18-Feb-18 06:18:20

Waves to shanghaidiva

Thanks, we booked. Thinking of hiring a car to get around. Is it easy enough to do so?

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ShanghaiDiva Sun 18-Feb-18 06:30:26

We didn't, but both felt that driving seemed quite sane for Asia. Much better than China!

byronicheroine Sun 18-Feb-18 06:33:41

We went and hired a motorbike. Visit the sex museum place for a laugh and earth best oranges joy will ever taste. Have fun!

yakari Sun 18-Feb-18 07:03:12

It's also got a teddy bear museum - I love Korean trash bear museums, they are just lovely and bonkers
Lovely place and time of year for lots of walks so take comfy clothes/shoes and hike.

yakari Sun 18-Feb-18 07:03:45

Trash bear? Well if such a thing exists it will be in a Korean teddy bear museum

Glitterspy Sun 18-Feb-18 07:41:45

Yes we have been! We were with family (DCs grandparents, uncle and aunt, and two DCs who were 3.5 and 5 mo at the time. Weather want great. I can imagine if the weather is fantastic it's really fun - like any holiday location - but when the weather isn't great there isn't an awful lot to do. Some great restaurants but I wouldn't go back in the same format (3night stay in small villa as part of a 3 week trip to Korea) it's just not worth the travel from Seoul.

ZombieHunter Mon 19-Feb-18 00:46:16

Thanks for all the tips!

Stumbled across the Sex museum, but can't go due to 8yo DS... However, Teddybear museum is on the list!

We have driven motorbikes around Asia, but we really want to drive a car again! By that time it will be almost 2 years without car driving and I just want to get behind the wheel again. Wouldn't dare to do so in Shanghai as it's total anarchy on the roads, so thanks for the heads up on calmer roads, Shanghaidiva.

Off to Decathlon for some proper hiking shoes later. Really looking forward to all the geological features (lava tunnels!) and just to get away from the city. We are staying a few nights at a farm and the rest on the beach in the South. Fingers crossed for good weather, but it seems to be the dry season so one can hope. Will go prepared, we have travelled so much in SE Asia, we got 'equipment' come rain or shine.

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ZombieHunter Sun 22-Apr-18 00:44:53

Just a quick check in - we went and we loved it!

Beautiful scenery, great hikes and geological features. We went to pretty much every hotspot on the island as we were there for 8 days and spent half the time in the North and half in the South. Travelled pretty much everywhere.

Loved, loved, loved all the museums! DS over the moon in the Teddy bear museums, but also loved others such as the Alive museum (3D Art) and the Believe it or not!

Only downside was that we weren't allowed to hire a car. Arrived at Hertz and were told that class B license not enough. Need an international driving permit there. Others were in the same situation, it definitely wasn't made clear on websites. Nevertheless, got round fine with taxis.

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