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India with a toddler and dare I say it.... a baby?

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Alibongo37 Fri 02-Feb-18 09:44:49

Looking at going to India in October, and wondered if anyone had done this with a toddler..... and dare I say it a baby?
Toddler will be almost 3.
Baby around 6 months.
How would transport work and Malaria?
Thank you

ShanghaiDiva Fri 02-Feb-18 09:56:00

I would mainly be concerned about vaccinations and malaria. Malarone has few side effects, but have no idea if it's suitable for a baby or toddler. I think my daughter was 4 when we gave her malarone.
All childhood vaccinations need to be up to date together with hep a, hep b and typhoid.
You will need a car seat for the baby and toddler too as too small for a booster seat, I think.
I would not go to India with such young children. Unless you are visiting family am not sure what the children would get out of the trip.

BubblesBuddy Fri 02-Feb-18 15:32:53

I think that unless you stay in very decent hotels it’s just madness. The driving is atrocious. You will need two car seats but the cars may not fit three accross the back plus a driver. Your children will not be interested in sightseeing will they?

I guess Goa would be ok but not the best beach destination for children either.

What were you intending to see?

LyricalGangster Fri 02-Feb-18 15:34:56

It's not somewhere I would visit with young dc.

villamariavintrapp Fri 02-Feb-18 15:53:24

You wouldn't necessarily need malaria prophylaxis depending on whereabouts in India you were going. But regardless it wouldn't be an easy place to travel with young kids. Again depending on where you plan to go/where you would stay, would the food be an issue? What if they became unwell?

omnishambles Fri 02-Feb-18 16:00:32

I wouldn't unless I was going to visit family.

Snowysnowysnow Fri 02-Feb-18 16:03:59

I travel a lot with the kids (including from baby age) but have yet to go anywhere that requires anti malerials. I don't trust my kids to keep the tablets down.

Plenty of places to go in India without needing them though. It's a big country. Where are you thinking of? I'd happily take kids that age to Kerela.

omnishambles Fri 02-Feb-18 16:08:37

I think a lot can change between now and October as well if you now just have a 2 year old - I wouldnt want to book anything long haul before everything had settled down and I knew what I was doing.

Alibongo37 Fri 02-Feb-18 20:10:57

Thanks all.
It was the south we were planning to visit - Kerula.
I think my daughter of 3 would be interested in anything we are tbh. She's such an easy, curious child and we've always travelled and explored with her. But I think you're right about the 6 month old. It's too risky. And despite all the precautions we may take, if the baby did get ill, god forbid, what would we do....?
So you've kind of made my mind up for me there....
Thank you

BubblesBuddy Sun 04-Feb-18 22:32:06

We took our children to India when they were about 14 and 12. We went to two tiger reserves, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and two overnight trains to get to the Bandhavghar tiger reserve and back! The DCs remember it! The Tiger sightings really meant something.

Kerala is ok but not for two weeks! You won’t see much of India there. It’s fsirly attractive, tropical but hotels are luxurious havens and the boats are ok but what you can do and see is limited. Ditto Goa.

When they are older, plan an exciting trip to see the amazing sights and use very good hotels. We were not remotely ill!

MamaDuckling Sun 04-Feb-18 22:43:13

How about Sri Lanka instead? No need for anti malaria meds, and in my opinion it's better for younger kids.

You can whale watch, snorkel with giant turtles in sheltered lagoons, see monkeys, elephants, and visit turtle hatchery etc. Plus, it's more tropical and has a more chilled pace than India. I've done both and would be happier with little ones in Sri Lanka. Standard of accommodation is generally better and extremely well geared up for tourists.

You'd be wise to check weather in both locations though - not sure it's the best time of year for either. Northern coast of Sri Lanka might be fine though.

katycb Sun 04-Feb-18 22:51:29

We went to India pre kids, it was amazing but I really don't think I'd go again until they were secondary school age. We stayed in lovely hotels but it would be the travelling, food and what would happen if either was ill that would worry me. I think it is different if visiting family etc but I definately wouldn't go as a tourist and we are fairly adventurous travellers.
What about somewhere like Malaysia? Lots to see and do culture wise, great beaches and I would have thought better geared up for young families.

glorious Sun 04-Feb-18 22:54:33

Malaysia is great with small children and mostly not malarial (some areas are though so do check)

randomuntrainedcuntowner Sun 04-Feb-18 22:59:23

I went to India for 2 months with a 2.5 yo. She loved it. We loved it.

NC4now Sun 04-Feb-18 23:06:49

i think you're mad to be considering this (unless you're considering an all inclusive resort in Goa).

I love India, but it's not somewhere I'd go with a toddler and a baby that hasn't been born yet.

Car seats?! I didn't see any of those when I was there. More like this...

Withhindsight Sun 04-Feb-18 23:11:49

I'd wait until teens and physically robust, worst tummy bug ever and wasn't back to normal for months after. Loved it apart from that

dontcallmethatyoucunt Tue 06-Feb-18 19:04:35

My mums friend backpacked with their 2 year old for 2 months round India in the late 70's. Apparently it was excellent. Give it 18 months!

Mrsjellybum Tue 06-Feb-18 19:08:29

It sounds like you've decided not to by the previous post.
Talk to you practice nurse at the surgery before you book anything and get advice.
Most of the travel vaccines aren't available for that young age so she'd be at massive risk.

Roseandmabelshouse Tue 06-Feb-18 19:10:03

I would be worried too. Never escaped a trip to India without one person getting serious sickness and the runs - not some thing I would want to risk with a baby and toddler.

Seahawk80 Tue 06-Feb-18 19:13:24

Ive travelled a lot and work in Travel. I've spent almost a year in India and I've just spent 6 weeks in Bali and Thailand with a 6 month old. I wouldn't go as the weather will be quite changeable in October in both Goa and Kerala. If you haven't been to India before I really wouldn't go as it's just a different level in terms of hassle and business. What about Bali? It's great with kids and the weather will be good in October.

holasoydora Tue 06-Feb-18 19:22:11

My DH's family spent several years in India when he was very young, in the 70s. It was a very enriching experience for his parents. I think they were mad, though my opinion is clouded by the fact that his younger brother almost died of something like dysentery. My DH can also barely remember being there! Based on those things I would personally wait til my kids were older but then I am quite boring

GreyGardens88 Tue 06-Feb-18 19:26:11

I think they're too young at that age and a lot of pressure for you, it's a hard enough country to travel in anyway without having to worry about babies. They also won't remember any of it anyway!

NC4Now Wed 07-Feb-18 12:12:05

Yeah, it is a hard place to travel. The smog in Delhi was something else too. Our lungs hurt for a couple of days.
It was a massive relief to get out of the city.

Alibongo37 Fri 09-Feb-18 17:29:02

Done Sri Lanka and done Bali/Indonesia.

I don't think I'm necessarily mad considering it, but it's interesting hearing the different POVs. If I didn't have the baby, I'm not sure I'd even question the decision. But the baby does change things.


Costa Rica anyone? 😆

virtualreality Fri 09-Feb-18 18:04:50

India is great, especially the Kerala region you mention.

However, we got the trots and various ailments whilst there, nothing too serious, but not nice just the same. Our adult immune systems had developed a bit I think, so I would be a bit concerned with young children in tow!

Well you did ask. I wouldn't do it with young children, no way.

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