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Help me plan last minute Easter holiday to USA and Canada please!

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BubblesBuddy Thu 01-Feb-18 23:58:04

So many typos earlier! I think Disney is popular at Easter because it’s good weather but not roasting!! My two never went to Disney as we did lots more exciting things. They never asked to go. Fill their heads with real cities and countryside and Disney won’t seem so attractive!

I think you will find plenty to do and see. I have a very old Insight Guide to New York State and this might be useful for planning, if they still publish it!

Willitbe Thu 01-Feb-18 20:27:12

Thank you you have been very helpful in refining plans.

We have decided to definitely not to go to more than the two locations, and we will make more of travelling near to NYC and Montreal.

I have heard that disney is crazy busy at Easter anyway, so whilst our younger children would be fine, our oldest would not cope. (I feel sorry that the younger two will miss out, but it is better for us all together)

I am looking forward to getting everything booked now!

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BubblesBuddy Thu 01-Feb-18 17:41:43

I would be inclined to agree with you about going to Orlando. Just a huge detour when there are much nicer things to see in NY State. Disney is full on so not sure how they would sit with quiet Montreal you like the sound of!

However you could explore the Hudson River, the Catsgill Mountains (weather permitting) and go to Niagara as you suggest. Up state New York is very attentive.

Montreal is perhaps not the greatest tourist city but with relstives to show you around it will be great.

CrazyExIngenue Thu 01-Feb-18 14:49:00

Old Montreal, St. Catherine's street, Mount Royale and Olympic Park are the big tourist spots. I could spend hours wandering St. Catherine's. It's really an amazing city, you'll love it.

drspouse Thu 01-Feb-18 12:02:45

You can get a train from NYC to Niagara Falls (or from Montreal but it isn't direct) but it's quite long too. Or fly which would be a v short hop.

I went to Montreal for work once (I also went as a baby but obviously don't remember it, family were living there at the time) - it was summer and crazy hot but some colleagues went in late March once and it was snowing!

We did sneak in a little sightseeing and I think your DCs would like going up to Mount Royal (we accidentally walked down in the dark, don't recommend that with nervous DCs, it was bad enough with a nervous junior colleague!), we saw some fireworks I seem to remember. Loads of wonderful restaurants, the old fort etc. were brilliant, lots of craft shops. Just lovely.

Willitbe Thu 01-Feb-18 11:42:32

Thank you, I am thinking that maybe trying to take in Orlando too maybe a step too far? I think that three days might be too little time to really appreciate it. Although I have read that Universal studios is doable in that amount of time.

In New York, we have two family members, one is right in the city and one about a 45 min drive away. My dh did suggest heading out to Niagra Falls, however, I know our lad with autism would not cope well with all the extra travel via car. He has a fascination with planes fortunately, so flying should be ok with him (although he was age 2 the last time we took him on a long-haul flight, so we don't know how he is going to cope with that.)

Montreal we have been warned that it is low season with not much going on at Easter, but that will suit us. We are mainly going to see our relative, and just hope to get a flavour of Canada while there.

drspounce - do you know what things might be to do in Montreal?

Crazy - I think the fact that Disney needs plenty of time, is putting me off going there.

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chipsandpeas Thu 01-Feb-18 11:35:29

I've done 3 days in Orlando done Disney magic kingdom, Epcot for a nosey and Hollywood studios was good but very rushed
Also done universal 2 parks in 1 day again good but rushed
So it can be done if you are realistic about what you will do/see
Fast passes are a must

Toomuchsplother Thu 01-Feb-18 11:34:42

Sounds great! Personally I wouldn't try and cram the Disney bit in as well. Plenty to do with Canada and NYC. You will need some downtime too. One of my D.C. has a similar condition those you mentioned for your son and when we travelled long haul to the NYC I found we needed to plan in some quieter days too. Central Park is amazing and huge and great for mooching and chilling. There is a large Wholefoods store at Columbus Circle (I think!) with a great deli section. It right on the edge of Central Park. A few time we went there and everyone chose what they wanted for a picnic.

CrazyExIngenue Thu 01-Feb-18 11:33:02

I agree with drspouse. There's plenty to do in New York State and Montreal.

drspouse Thu 01-Feb-18 11:26:23

IMO (and I've only been to the California parks) you will have just as fabulous a time in Montreal and NYC (assuming it is NYC - if not, then Niagra Falls/Great Lakes etc.).
For 2 weeks, it would be a lot of travelling to take in all three centres. NY and Montreal are close but quite different, and even more so if you're going to some of the out of the way areas in NY State.

CrazyExIngenue Thu 01-Feb-18 11:23:58

If you're going to do 3 days in Orlando than book into a Disney resort. Don't bother trying to see anything else, because 3 days isn't even enough to see the whole of Disney. Where in New York will you be going?

Willitbe Thu 01-Feb-18 11:19:29

CrazyExIngenue - I would do that however the Montreal needs to be in the middle, as we have to be there the Easter weekend, and we only have the week off before and the week off after, so a little restricted.

So I figure we would have to fly into Orlando, fly to Montreal and then fly to New York, to fly home.

Or fly into New York, then to Montreal and then onto Orlando before flying home.

Not sure whether to do Orlando, it would be our only opportunity, but need to know whether three days is worth it there, and if we can even sort it out this late in the day.

Do you know if Orlando is worth it for three days, and where to target going to??

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CrazyExIngenue Thu 01-Feb-18 10:50:06

You could fly into Orlando, then fly to New York, then to Montreal and then home. Few days in each spot.

Willitbe Thu 01-Feb-18 10:44:03

We have just been told we are getting a significant tax refund, and we have decided to blow most of it on a long-awaited holiday.

We have 3 children ages: 14 (has autism and adhd), 13 and 9 (will have 10th birthday there!)

We have family to stay with in Montreal, Canada, and in New York, USA. The Canada part has to be the Easter weekend, and we would like to visit New York relatives before or after.

However we are also considering pushing finances further and taking in either universal studios or disney.

However since this is all just a few weeks away, we are not even sure if it is too late to get all these plans organised, please help me!

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