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Please help me plan a trip to Melbourne.

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Crispbutty Sun 28-Jan-18 21:32:42

Have never been but we would like to visit DPs sister who has lived there for nearly 3 years so we haven’t seen her for ages.

It’s just two adults going and we are struggling as we don’t know how to plan it.

Personally I would like to go via LA and stop off there for a few days as I have friends in California. And it would break up the flight.

Is this do-able does anyone think. I would like to go when it’s hot there too but prices at xmas seem to shoot up so much.

RitaConnors Sun 28-Jan-18 21:39:10

I know on Emirates the flights increase after December 9th. You’d be going the other way (around the world!) but that’s a rough idea.

It will hot after Christmas in January too but that’s the school holidays. I’d go in October/November rather than actual summer. You might think you want it hot but it can be very unpleasant and you can’t do things if it’s too hot.

BIWI Sun 28-Jan-18 21:42:32

Definitely avoid Christmas and New Year.

Summer will be hot anyway (often especially hot in Melbourne - make sure you're able to cope with temperatures in the high 30s)

How long will you be going for?

If it's only a couple of weeks, I wouldn't break the flight more than I needed to. However, if you're going for 3 weeks, this is more doable. Where the break is will depend on your airline.

Will you be staying with her, or do you need accommodation? If the latter, then there's always AirBnB, but also look up Stayz, which is a similar site but seems to specialise in Oz/NZ properties.

But just enjoy it! Australia is fab.

Crispbutty Sun 28-Jan-18 22:17:53

Hopefully staying with her most of the trip. February next year would be doable. We can both cope with heat. I’ve spent many trips in Vegas and LA when it has been upper 30’s so I don’t mind that at all.

Minimum we would go for is two weeks. Possibly we could stretch to a third depending on work schedules.

What things are there to do around Melbourne?

ShanghaiDiva Mon 29-Jan-18 10:23:19

Check the dates for Chinese New Year next year (think early February) and avoid then as prices will probably go up.
From Melbourne:
12 apostles.
Ocean road

Jenijena Mon 29-Jan-18 10:26:56

It’s only an hour’s flight (v close in Australia terms) from Melbourne to Tasmania, which has some stunning scenery (eg wineglass bay), history (Port Arthur) and wildlife (devils!). I was glad we made the detour when we visited.

specialsubject Mon 29-Jan-18 20:28:40

Lots to do round Melbourne but not day trips. Phillip island, great ocean road and yes, go to Tasmania for a week.

Pleasant enough city and always interesting to learn about local sights and history - but horrendous traffic and flies if you are unlucky.

bimbobaggins Sun 11-Feb-18 17:38:19

We have just had a three week stay in Melbourne over Christmas. We booked it last April. We went via Dubai and on both journeys were in Dubai for under 2 hours.
When pricing flights the prices dropped considerably if traveling from Christmas Day onwards.
The 12 apostles are worth a visit. We stayed in colac for four nights in an Airbnb. And also 4 nights in a city centre hotel. The prices of both for the time of year was quite reasonable

notacooldad Sun 11-Feb-18 17:47:47

Definitely avoid Christmas and New Year.
Not necessarily good advice. We usually fly out on Christmas Eve from Manchester and arrive in Melbourne on Christmas day. Flight prices are really cheap at this time! New Year's Eve in the city is good fun! Admittedly everyone won't want to fly then but I'm happy to for good prices!

I normally book my flight to Taz when I'm in Melbourne. If you go to Taz go to the MONA, its bonkers!
Back in Melbourne, the city is good, do the Ocean Road over a couple of days to enjoy the sights.
Take the cable car at Arthur's seat. The Mornington peninsula is lovely.
I can't wait for my next Melbourne trip!

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