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Seattle - Olympic NP or Vancouver Island or both?

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whyismykid Mon 29-Jan-18 18:04:24

Loads of great ideas - thanks! Getting really excited now!

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Somewhereovertheroad Mon 29-Jan-18 12:38:43

This is a link to a useful guide to the different Islands.

Somewhereovertheroad Mon 29-Jan-18 12:16:36

We did Seattle with the kids two years ago. They loved it. We didn't have as long as you so didn't head out of town but the big winners were the Boeing Museum, Pike place Market and the Naval ship in Bremerton.

Bellvue and Kirkland also worth a look. The kids favourite was Red Robin restaurant in Bellvue Square.

Seattle is a very expensive city. If you are self catering make sure to find a Trader Joe's.

We did the whale watching previously without the kids and it's definitely worth it if you have no "sea sick prone" kids. Not sure about the bears but the Cascades are stunning. Mount Baker area is also beautiful.

BubblesBuddy Mon 29-Jan-18 11:39:35

Lonely Planet!!!

BubblesBuddy Mon 29-Jan-18 11:39:09

I would get the Lonely Plsnet Washington and Oregon guide book. It is a fantastic resource and even has a section on holiday planning with children.

Their two week Seattle and Washington itinerary suggests, from Seattle: Port Townsend, Victoria, Olympic National Park, Lake Quinault, Olympia, Mt St Helens, Mt Rainier NP and the San Juan Islands. So take your pick.

We are planning to do something like this in the future!

Teds77 Sun 28-Jan-18 18:02:23

Both Olympic NP and Mt Rainier easily doable from Seattle. Probably more variety/things to see at Olympic but we liked both.

Didn't do San Juan islands but reckon you could do those plus one of the NP and Seattle in 10 days.

I did like Seattle but two days was enough for us. You could definitely find things to do and but more there aren't loads of 'key' sites to tick off if that makes sense.

Tortadellanonna Sun 28-Jan-18 08:55:52

Mount rainier is another place to consider

Rainydays200 Sun 28-Jan-18 08:54:02

Definitely worth considering the San Juan islands

whyismykid Sat 27-Jan-18 09:13:55

We have 10 days in Seattle in April (visiting friends in CA before hand, but we wanted to explore somewhere new on the same trip as we have spent lots of time in CA already) - so flying into Seattle.

Our first thought would be a few days in the city and then take the ferry to Vancouver Island, we have been to the Island before and loved it, it would be great to take the kids this time and do some whale and bear watching. But.... should we factor in Olympic NP as well / instead? What about some of the smaller Islands near Seattle?

We like beautiful places (forests, ocean, mountains, lakes equally) - decent hikes through kids are small so flat ish means we can go further, and wildlife - any thoughts or recommendations?

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