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Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya

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zeebee Wed 24-Jan-18 11:49:11

Has anyone been?

It seems to tick lots of our boxes with variety of restaurants, snorkelling, beach, ice cream shop etc - BUT do all the bedrooms have a hole in the wall or glass partition to the bathroom? None with a solid wall?! We will be a mix of adults and kids, including a teen who I’m sure won’t want her siblings viewing her in the shower! And doesn’t it make toilet trips noisy & smelly for everyone?!

Have been to the Bahia Prinicpe Coba before and loved it. Would go back but the Grand Sirenis seems to offer something slightly more that we're after this time.

Any experience of the bathroom or the hotel generally (especially the food) would be gratefully received. Thanks!

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Calmdownboris1 Wed 24-Jan-18 19:47:18

Ive been to Cancun/riviera maya three times and each time have had no bathrooms like that! Stayed at Occidental Xcaret, Eldorado Seaside Suites and Moon Palace and all fine

zeebee Thu 25-Jan-18 22:21:47

I know, it’s very odd as doesn’t seem to be at other hotels. Flights filling up fast so just wondering if it’s a big issue or can be avoided!

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Vernazza Sun 28-Jan-18 00:48:05

I loved the Grand Sirenis - the snorkelling was brilliant and all the restaurants were really good! The bathroom, yeah, bit unusual but we went with our son who was 19 at the time - I don't recall the shower bring an issue, but it was a few years ago.

They definitely had exceptional evening entertainment and the grounds and pool are beautiful.

zeebee Sun 28-Jan-18 13:19:20

Thanks Vernazza that’s great to hear. I’m really looking forward to the snorkelling & food. Hoping the coffee shop & ice cream bar live up to expectation so the kids can go by themselves!

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decena Sun 28-Jan-18 19:54:34

Please be aware that this hotel apparently has a captive dolphin pool. It's not widely known as most U.K. travel agents don't acknowledge it as it isn't popular with many folk.

Vernazza Mon 29-Jan-18 00:48:21

They didn't have it (dolphin pool) when I was there (2010). That's horrific. shock

zeebee Wed 31-Jan-18 12:22:01

That’s not good, will certainly be avoiding it. Sadly, many hotels locally have them.

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Justmuddlingalong Wed 31-Jan-18 12:26:24

Have you looked at the Grand Palladium?

SummerRoberts Wed 31-Jan-18 12:27:19

Were booked to go for the first two weeks of September so watching with interest!

SummerRoberts Wed 31-Jan-18 12:30:00

Oh that's awful about the dolphin pool. It definitely didn't tell us that when we booked or we'd have thought twice. Will be giving that area of the hotel a wide berth.

ConfusionIsNothingNew Wed 31-Jan-18 12:47:40

We stayed at the Grand Sirenis in 2011 and no sign of any dolphins then, was a few years ago now I'll admit!

Yes the rooms have a big hole in the wall between the main room and the bathroom. The toilet is in its own cubicle within the bathroom but the door is opaque glass so if privacy is an issue, it's not great! I did read about families taping up a bed sheet over the gap but it's not ideal either!

Overall we had no complaints about the resort-the beach was lovely and as PP have said, the snorkelling was fantastic!

decena Wed 31-Jan-18 14:45:57

I second the Grand Palladium, massive, lots going on, heaps of restaurants and pools, lots of jungle and animals.
According to Trip Advisor forum, there's definitely a dolphin pen at Sirenis (none at Grand Palladium).

jolufc Wed 31-Jan-18 18:28:03

Yep grand palladium was great.

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