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Boston in March! What to wear, etc...

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Autotelic Fri 12-Jan-18 18:33:43

Hi all!

I’m off to Boston in mid-march with my OH, I’m grateful for the opportunity though as I’ve only ever visited Europe and budget has never allowed me to visit further afield.. However I am a little nervous.. I’m getting better at flying the more I do it, can handle a little turbulence and the feeling of being hemmed in, but I’m worried about the length of the flight - the longest I’ve flown before is around 3 1/2 hours ..
Has anyone done this route? What’s the average flight time? The booking states 7 hours 40 from heathrow, coming back it’s not so bad as we stop in Philadelphia and then onto Manchester - which is 6.5 hours.. does this sound right? Has anyone had much turbulence on this route..? A silly question maybe as you can’t predict it..

Also how cold will it be? I’ve googled and get mixed results! Thinking about investing in a new waterproof coat..

I might also be taking some over the counter meds - for travel sickness and also Kalms, as well as my contraceptive pill, will I be ok to take these through security as long as they are in their original boxes?

Sorry for the ramble! I hope I stop feeling nervous soon so I can just relax and look forward to it smile

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RusholmeRuffian Fri 12-Jan-18 21:40:24

I've flown this route a few times. Those times sound right but in my experience are often a little shorter than stated. Never had any major turbulence. You will probably find that the plane is far more comfortable than you think if you're only used to short haul. Watch a couple of films and get a bit of kip and it'll fly by.

It'll probably still be quite cold in March so wrap up warm. Check the forecast a few days before you go for a better idea. Take comfortable shoes for walking. Boston is a great city and most major sights are walkable from each other. Enjoy!

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 13-Jan-18 09:02:28

Have also travelled to the Eastern Seaboard a few times as well and would agree with the previous respondent re flight times.

It could still be cold in March so would use layers of clothing, do check the weather forecast say 3-4 days before departure.

Was it not possible to get a direct flight back to the UK, why are you needing to travel back via Philadelphia?.

its5oclocksomewhere Sun 14-Jan-18 06:09:56

As others have said the flight back will likely be quicker than stated. Crossing the Atlantic from US to UK, the flights normally have a good tail wind which speeds the plane along. You'll probably get drinks and food service, then watch a movie or 2 get a bit of sleep and you're there.
Boston is a lovely city. The weather will probably still be on the cold side but hopefully the snow and rain will keep away and you'll get some lovely crisp blue sky sunny days.

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