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Backpackers travel insurance

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ellak Wed 06-Dec-17 01:12:05

Hi, any recommendations for backpackers travel insurance? Good quality + good price for worldwide annual cover needed.

Reallycantbebothered Thu 07-Dec-17 05:29:00
I'd recommend world nomads, got this for dd last year while she was volunteering in Cambodia....lots of people recommended. This company to me...maybe not the cheapest but certainly most comprehensive
Reputable company and good cover especially if your planning on doing any activities. You can also extend cover if you plan to stay longer...enjoy your trip!

StorminaBcup Thu 07-Dec-17 05:47:41

I used Go Travel. Their back packer policy was really good when I booked a few years ago and it wasn’t that expensive. It seemed to cover a few extras that other policies at the time didn’t.

TanteRose Thu 07-Dec-17 05:49:15

another recommendation for World Nomads.
used it last summer when DD when to the US.

ZaraW Thu 07-Dec-17 16:03:21

I've been using World Nomads for years for both long and short trips.

ellak Thu 07-Dec-17 17:34:07

Many thanks for the recommendations. Have any of you claimed successfully with World Nomads? I checked out reviews and they are pretty much consistently awful!

specialsubject Sat 09-Dec-17 13:38:25

Are you sure you want annual cover? That usually means a limit of 31 days on each trip.

Judo star Stephanie inglis made this mistake and would be dead without 300k of crowd funding.

Reallycantbebothered Thu 14-Dec-17 18:11:02

You can add to the 31 days with World Nomads, even when you're out of the country

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