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Has anyone ever booked a holiday through maldives holidays direct?

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stormnigel Thu 30-Nov-17 06:55:27

I've just been offered a really good deal though them for next year but wanted to check to see if they were any good before taking the plunge. This will be my one and only luxury holiday for many years to come (set aside a bit of money from a house sale to do it) so important it's not a disaster!

GreenShadow Mon 18-Dec-17 23:13:13

We've booked through their sister company Mauritius Holidays Direct.

We were slightly wary but did a bit of searching and they seem OK. (A whole thread on them on Trip Advisor etc). We go in a month so I can't judge yet, but they seem pretty efficient and helpful so far.
I did get the impression though that our advisor was working from home - a lady answered to start with and passed us over to him and it just felt like he was relaxing at home until the phone rang for business. Could be completely wrong, but even if not, why shouldn't he. My brother does just that in the travel industry!

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