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Has anybody ever flown Royal Jordanian or Oman Air?

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Teacupinastorm Sun 26-Nov-17 11:15:00

We are looking to go to Dubai over Easter. We would usually fly Emirates but they seem very expensive, i know Easter will be a premium but still working out about £750 each.
We could go with Royal Jordanian or Oman Air much cheaper which I’m tempted by.
Has anyone ever flown with either airline? What was it like? Worth the price difference?

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ArsenicNLace Sun 26-Nov-17 11:29:54

Yes we flew to Dubai this year with Oman Air.

Fab airline. One of the best flying experiences we've had. Fab food, best selection of in flight entertainment and lovely flight crew.

However I cannot compare to Emirates as I've never flown with them.

NutButterNutter Sun 26-Nov-17 11:30:54

RJ wouldn't be my first choice. Usually late, not up to scratch and just meh.

SandLand Sun 26-Nov-17 11:38:53

I'd go Oman Air. Only did a short haul with them, but no issues. They often codeshore with Emirates anyway - check the flight times with the Emirates ones. You may find it's the same plane (and probably an Emirates one into Dubai, unless you are going through Muscat?)

Never flown them, but RJ hasn't got the best reputation.

SandLand Sun 26-Nov-17 11:42:50

Ignore me on the code share

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