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New York with a baby!

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mintich Sun 05-Nov-17 13:14:27

I'm off to New York for a week at the beginning of December. Has anyone done the same? Any tips or recommendations?

2014newme Mon 06-Nov-17 07:48:18

Haven't done the same. It will be cold! You'll be doing a lot if walking as subway a faff with buggy and taxis may be tricky without car seats. It will be fab! Have a great time.

fucksakefay Mon 06-Nov-17 07:50:06


2014newme Mon 06-Nov-17 08:00:30

Oo yes sling is the ideal solution

AveEldon Thu 09-Nov-17 19:44:31

I agree buggy is tricky in NYC and don't expect to find baby changing facilities

BabyInWaiting Sun 12-Nov-17 22:06:11

Just came back from NYC with 3 DSs -7mo, 7years, 9 years. Baby was absolutely fine in buggy walking the streets. Sidewalks are no problem for buggies - went to Times Square, Empire State, Statue of Liberty etc. Just like London. But keep in mind we had a bugaboo bee so not huge, and it was Oct so less busy. The subway however was not buggy friendly! Some of the stations only have single turn styles with no access gate so be prepared to lift your buggy over the turnstyles to get through. Carry your baby and buggy up/down stairs as lifts are in limited stations. But you could also plan your trip around the more accessible stations as easy to walk (i.e. World trade). And yes bring a good footmuff -will be very chilly. We could have done a sling, would have been easier, but with two other kids and five days exploring NY, I wanted to be able to let baby sleep in buggy.
I would also get a lightweight, lay-flat buggy if possible for reasons above.
And if using subway avoid rush hour. Tricky to get buggy in. But people were lovely and warm there. Very friendly on subway and helpful. Even when on squeezing on people really helped to make space and chat to baby. More so than in other big cities (London!).
I also brought all my food (Ella's kitchen) for baby from home for ease But they do have similar food in shops there if you can find it. (Not always easy in manhattan). I also had no problem with baby change. But im happy to do a quick change in the buggy when needs be. But don't remember needing to do that due to lack of facilities.
Hope that helps. Such a lovely city. Enjoy!!

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