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Booking New York City hotels

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Diamondsforeyes Sun 29-Oct-17 11:39:06

Looking a booking hotels in New York in December. Are there any advantages to booking the hotel through etc or is it best to book direct with the hotel? At one hotel website I looked at, it was slightly cheaper but they wanted payment up front whereas some of the booking websites state payment made at hotel.

First time visitor to New York so any tips appreciated as I’ve only ever booked package holidays before.

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Hulder Sun 29-Oct-17 11:44:16

I've done both on holiday, usually depending on which is cheaper (not in NY but big user of

Main advantage is cancellation and sometimes deals. Otherwise I don't think it matters. Also helps you see how much you are spending on hotel breakfast - we now usually skip that and go to a cafe instead for half the price after feeling especially aggrieved over an overpriced and crappy hotel breakfast.

The Frick Collection is gorgeous.

BubblesBuddy Sun 29-Oct-17 15:34:50

I have consistently booked the hotels as an add on to the flight and found that to be the cheapest every time.

I would use several price comparison sites, making sure you are looking at identical rooms, then look at the hotel itself for any deals. Paying up front with 6 weeks to go won’t have lost you much interest on the money. Assuming you have the money saved of course. You would only have list out if the £ suddenly became very strong. If it dips sharply again, and you need to pay in December, you’ve lost out that way. It’s all a gamble really.

Diamondsforeyes Sun 29-Oct-17 16:40:34

So what do you usually do Bubbles, hotel direct or website or does it not matter ? Is it ok to use the likes of without any problems and if I was to reserve a room with them now, is that the price I’d pay when I arrive at the hotel considering they are quoting in GB pounds.
Sorry if I sound a bit dumb but I’m trying myself in knots as there are so many hotels and websites to look at and I’m a first timer with this and really need to get it sorted soon.

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Hulder Sun 29-Oct-17 19:13:32

Yes, what you are quoted is what you pay once you have reserved.

Flights wise I always use Skyscanner to compare prices/times of flights.

BubblesBuddy Sun 29-Oct-17 23:41:30

I prefer BA and book flight and hotel together with them. I always check to see if I can get the hotel cheaper by doing the two bookings separately but usually I cannot.

I have used but I always check with other sites and definitely the hotel itself. For NY I have only booked flight and Hotel combination and found it’s best for us. If you want a cheap flight, eg with Norwegian, there may be Hotel deals with them that are worth investigating. You just have to do the sums and look at options.

Diamondsforeyes Mon 30-Oct-17 07:09:40

Thanks. Flights already booked a while back so can't do a package now.
I'm assuming they add the taxes on at the hotel if you book direct with them. I know they add taxes onto everything but some of the comparison sights mention an additional 14.75% tax and also a $3-4 city tax per night. So the hotel will give you a price which includes some kind of tax already and then there will be an additional 14.75% when you get there? Its all a bit complicated.

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MsAmerica Tue 31-Oct-17 23:25:36

Every article I've ever read says you do better contacting the hotel directly.

KiaOraAura Tue 31-Oct-17 23:29:52

I'd book directly. Many hotels guarantee the best rates that way. Also, it can sometimes work in your favour. I booked a Manhattan hotel directly then emailed them and asked if there was any chance of a room with a view. We arrived to find they had given us a room with a view of the Empire State Building AND the Chrysler Building thanks to my begging polite request grin

KiaOraAura Tue 31-Oct-17 23:31:56

PS DD made it her mission to get a job in Manhattan as a result of enjoying that holiday so much! If there is anything you need to know am sure she would help (although she's back home now).

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 01-Nov-17 07:11:17

I would book with the hotel directly.

Diamondsforeyes Thu 02-Nov-17 09:03:19

Thank you all. I will look compare hotel and booking websites for the best deal.
I have many questions about new York so will be back smile

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ProfessorLayton1 Fri 03-Nov-17 20:26:18

We stayed at affinia suites on MN suggestion- was good

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