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Cove Suites in Antigua

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Helipad Sat 07-Oct-17 10:41:01

We've just booked our family holiday for next Summer. In the end we chose Cove Suites at Bluewaters as BA had a good offer going. We have two DS, 10 & 7 at the time of the holiday.

Has anyone been?

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Rafflesway Sun 08-Oct-17 13:04:15

Hi Heli, don't know if it will help but we stayed in the Cove suites shortly after they first opened in 2008!

Let me know if there is anything specific you need to know and hopefully I won't be too out of date grin.

2014newme Sun 08-Oct-17 13:37:55

Stayed at blue waters. Covered restaurant was excellent. We weren't all. Inclusive do we also dined outside the hotel.
Beautiful place, lots to see on the island.
When we went there were not many children.

2014newme Mon 09-Oct-17 19:19:53

Cove tests not covered, sorry

Helipad Mon 09-Oct-17 21:36:17

Thank you Raffles and Newme!

Raffles, I'm mainly wondering whether I should request a ground floor or the up floor suite. I'm thinking ground floor as then we can step straight to the pool. But upper floor has apparently better views and more privacy. First floor problems eh.

Did they have any evening entertainment?

Is it worth of taking a taxi out in one evening? As in visit local town/village for dinner and stroll. Or is it not an evening stroll kinda place?

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2014newme Tue 10-Oct-17 07:21:27

We took a taxi out for dinner several times.
Evening entertainment was low key, musicians and a bit of dancing

2014newme Tue 10-Oct-17 07:21:56

There wasn't a kids club when we went and there were no kids in the resort

Rafflesway Tue 10-Oct-17 16:55:21

Sorry for late reply as just returned to the thread.

Yes, evening entertainment very low key. There were a handful of children there during our stay but they were with their parents who were marrying in Resort.

We stayed end of August 2008 and unfortunately many places were closed which apparently was quite the norm on Antigua at that time of year. There was definitely nowhere to "stroll" to back then. We actually hired a car for a couple of days and decided to upgrade to all inclusive in resort as no local restaurants then and financially it was less expensive to pay all inclusive than buy meals/drinks individually.

Unfortunately we also had dreadful weather whilst there and subsequently the hotel suffered a dreadful mosquito problem which meant they closed all the pools at the Cove Suites so we had to use the pools at the main hotel. We had a first floor suite which had beautiful views and was very private but had the suite block pool been open then I could certainly have seen advantages of walking straight from the patio to the pool. The ground floor suites are slightly raised up anyway - hope that makes sense grin - so should still have a pretty good view.

It is a lovely property and the Cove Suites are definitely that little bit more special. The Suite blocks have been much more "Finished off" since we were there so don't think the mosquito problem/closing of pools would arise now. The only thing I would be careful of with children is the sea. It is stunning and very warm - beach is private but very small - but I do remember it had a very strong undercurrent even close to the beach. Scared me and I am a strong swimmer.

Hope this helps a little. I think you will have a great holiday. Antigua is beautiful and very relaxing.

2014newme Tue 10-Oct-17 17:06:42

We were there in the winter, February. They did fog the resort Daily for mosquitoes.
I do remember the power would sometimes switch off for a bit though. If you do a boat trip they will pick you up directly off the beach at the hotel. The dockyard and Shirley heights are well worth a visit and if course they gave a beach for every day of the year. It's got the best beaches of all the Caribbean islands I've visited.

celebrityskin Fri 03-Nov-17 10:24:24

Hi, sorry for the very late reply. We have just booked our second holiday to the Cove Suites so thought might be useful to reply.
The Cove Suites are massive. They put up two proper beds for the kids and there is still room for a sofa and table etc so we found the space great. We had ground floor- I think with 2 kids having direct access to the pool for them to come in and out was fantastic. I recall there was still a sea view from the elevated terrace.
We have rebooked as it is terrific value-the rooms are great, semi private pool, all inclusive pretty much does include everything and the al a carte restaurants were great and not your typical AI deal. We thought we might need to get a babysitter to use them but we were positively encouraged us to take our 2 and 4 year olds to them! They were great with the kids. My main reservation about going back was it was quiet in the evenings-just some music in the bar. The kids club was dead when we were there, but it wasn’t school holidays. Our kids are a bit older now so hoping there is a bit more entertainment/other kids this time (so I can sit and drink cocktails!).
Great choice, you won’t regret it!

celebrityskin Fri 03-Nov-17 10:25:28

PS i normally get revenged by mozzies and I barely had a bite! We went in June- maybe that makes a difference?

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