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China tour April 2018

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Stopyourhavering Fri 29-Sep-17 02:05:19

Planning on visiting dd who is currently teaching in Zhenjiagang ,near Shanghai
We hope to visit next year and thinking April might be good time to go
As she will have limited time off work, thought we would have 2 weeks touring before meeting up with her in Shanghai to finish holiday? ....any recommendations for tour itinerary or for companies who would be able to put together a suitable itinerary?
We'd be flying from Manchester ( possibly business class)

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CariadzDarling Mon 02-Oct-17 04:54:52

Following on from a friend doing a fantastic China trip just a few weeks ago Im currently putting together a trip with the company she organised hers with. Im going business class but I always book my flights independently, I build my own holiday, but this company offers flights and a business class option you may like to consider.

Stopyourhavering Mon 02-Oct-17 05:15:10

Ah, we love trailfinders and have used them for our recent trip - will definitely be taking a look at them, just wondering if there was anyone else ,but happy to use them....which company did your friend use Cariadz?

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BobbyGentry Mon 02-Oct-17 05:16:36

china ideas

City Wall
Great Mosque
Shaanxi History Museum
Wild Goose Pagoda
Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum
Bell Tower, Muslim Quarter

Xi’an to Mount Huashan
Cable Car
Drive Xi'an at 8:30am - arrive Huashan at 10:30am
travel Middle Peak, East Peak South peakthen travel West Peak back to city

Xi’an to Luoyang Longmen
Longmen Grottoes, a UNESCO World Heritage
100,000 stone statues varying from 2 cm to 17.14 m high
Wake up 07:00am Xi'an North
2004 08:30 - 10:21
LuoyangLongmen Railway Station for train G840 19:51 - 21:36 back to Xi'an (approx. 2 hours)

bullet train5 hours from Beiing to Xian

Mutianyu Great Wall
Forbidden City
Temple of Heaven
White Cloud Temple& Dongyue Temple
Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Datong (4 hours away Yungang Grottoes - Mt. Hengshan)

Great Wall (remote)
hotel lobby in Beijing at 11:00 a.m
two hours over to the Great Wall at Gubeikou
Walk on to Great Wall at Jinshanling. Hike for an hour before reaching a great place towatch the sunset

Yu Yuan Gardens
Shanghai Disney

West Lake
Faxi Templ

Reed Flute Cave
Li River
4-hour cruise upriver
Cruise started at 9:30am
Xianggong mountain photography
Longji rice terraces (Huangluo Village, Dazhai village & cable car)

Stone forest (90 km 1.5 hours drive)
Dali (overnight train)
Three Pagodas
Cang Shan Mountain
Erhai Lake
Black Dragon Pool,
Dongba Museum,
Jade Water Village
Tiger Leaping Gorge (105km 2.5 hours’ drive)
Songzanlin Lamasery,
Baiji Temple
Napahai Lake
Shangri-la airport


Yellow Mountain
UNESCO World Heritage Site Mt. Huangshan
Grand Canyon and Black Tiger Pine
Hongcun ancient village,160616_enh_lrmd:B;#ctm_ref=lst_n_1_1
Jade Valley

Cresent Moon
China Eastern

CariadzDarling Mon 02-Oct-17 05:26:08

Am loving your username OP. smile

My friend used Trailfinders.

She also tacked on Hong Kong to the trip.

Id never fancied China before, in fact it was just the opposite but the pictures she took just made me know I have to go there.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 02-Oct-17 21:37:47

We used a China specialist when we went, but the name escapes me I'm afraid. We went to Beijing, Great Wall, Xian, chengdu and then on a boat down the Yangtze to shanghi. We also stayed in old shanghi (can't recall the name, but just outside and all canals. Really beautiful and reminiscent of old China).

We would love to go back as it was an amazing trip.

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