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New York in early April or late August?

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chipsandpeas Sun 01-Oct-17 09:52:29

late august was hot but not unbearable, it was over 30 degrees and nice, the heat didnt stop us doing everything

longdaysandpleasantnights Sun 01-Oct-17 09:49:24

We spent a week in New York in early April and the weather was lovely. Most days got by with a short sleeved top and a light jacket. Only time I was cold was on the boat trip to the Statue of Liberty.
I’ve also been in November which was a bit rainy but not freezing and in December which was always cold but Central Park in the snow was amazing.
My friend went in August and she said it was very warm and quite humid, I think that’s why all the rich people go to The Hamptons for summer! grin

RusholmeRuffian Tue 26-Sep-17 13:50:44

April is a lovely time to go, August is sticky and sweaty.

MadisonAvenue Tue 26-Sep-17 06:26:50

April is great for getting around and sightseeing, August not so much so as it's hot and humid.

blueberrypie0112 Tue 26-Sep-17 06:06:10

Late August, you won’t see much going on in nature (trees are plain green) most kids go back to school after Labor Day so it will be less crowded in tourist areas then

blueskyinmarch Tue 26-Sep-17 06:05:24

It can be cold in autumn. I went in October also and it was freezing. We had gone unprepared for the cold and had to go buy gloves, hats and scarves.

blueberrypie0112 Tue 26-Sep-17 06:02:34

Both autumn and spring are perfect weather to go. I think it depends which season you like more. In autumn, it is nice to see all the trees Change colors (especially maple🍁) .in spring, dogwoods and cherry blossoms 🌸!

ZaraW Tue 26-Sep-17 05:56:03

April is a really nice time to visit I was there last year it was cool in the morning but temperature rose to about 25c and was sunny. August is not great too humid.

blueskyinmarch Tue 26-Sep-17 05:52:24

I have been in both April and August. April was nicer by far. It was warm and sunny then. August was hot and humid.

Ricekrispie22 Tue 26-Sep-17 05:42:41

ive heard that it can be cold and wet in April and unbearably hot and humid in August, so can't decide when to go! Is the heat much more than we have during a heat wave in the U.K.?

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