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Orlando to Miami must do/see??

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Sodaface Mon 04-Sep-17 13:35:44

We've booked a cruise around the Caribbean departing from Miami in October 18. We've decided to add on 5 days before hand in Florida & 2 days after in Miami before we fly home again.

What's the must do's/see for kids/adults. Both sets of GPS are going with us so a nice mix of hotels/entertainment/dining is needed. It's all so overwhelming at the min especially as none of us have ever been to America before.

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budgiegirl Mon 04-Sep-17 23:45:28

I'd travel down to the Keys for a few days before the cruise. Or head over to the west coast - Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers Beach areas. Maybe stop at the Everglades for an airboat ride on the way.

In Miami itself, South Beach and the Lincoln Mall area are a must see - the Art Deco area has fantastic architecture, although it's quite a party area in the evenings.

The Thriler ride from Bayside Market is a lot of fun (although very cheesy!)

Londonmumlivinginessex Wed 06-Sep-17 08:39:45

We have done Florida a few times now with kids - love it. Naples is a great place to start in. We used to live there years ago and went back to visit friends a few years ago. The beaches are incredible and we had some amazing days out on the beach there. There is 5th avenue with shops and restaurants and I remember a very cool playarea just off the main street. You can also drive along alligator alley as you comoe back to Miami - looking for alligators along the side of the road and even stopping at an alligator farm.

In Miami, there are lots of great kids options. There are various museums, the beach, the malls etc. My kids loved scooting along Lincoln Road and Ocean drive - all flat - seeing the sites.

We did look at the Keys as an option but I thought it was super expensive and heard very mixed reviews. But, I believe it depends on what island you land on.

Sunnydaysrock Fri 08-Sep-17 14:24:45

We went to Shark Valley in the Everglades, about 1.5 hours from Miami. You can do a guided land train tour through the park and we saw so many alligators and other wildlife really close up. It's amazing. Similarly, Gatorland in Orlando is fantastic for a day out. Walk ways built over the swamps, alligators and crocodiles up close, loads of other animals, a splash park, train ride and different shows, all ages would love it.

Costacoffeeplease Fri 08-Sep-17 14:30:13

Fort Lauderdale is a nice place to stop off

Sodaface Sat 09-Sep-17 20:05:43

Oh thanks. I did t realise I had replies!!

The kids would love Gatorland & ive been watching YouTube videos to see what else there kids. Volcano bay seems good.

Shopping is a must for the Granny's so I'll need to do some research on that, especially ones with good access for wheelchairs.

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dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 11-Sep-17 21:15:47

Catch a Fort Lauderdale water taxi to see the HUGE obscene houses! It's a nice town with lovely restaurants and a bar scene. There are lots of waterways and you can catch boats to the shopping centre from the Main Street if you fancy. You can also go to various waterside bars and restaurants.

Everglades and an airboat is also fun.

10,000 island bay worth a boat trip. We had dolphins racing the boat.

Sawgrass mills shopping centre is so big it made my head spin.

You can go to the John Pennekamp reserve and get a glass bottom boat or snorkel.

South beach area is worth a drive by
Little Havana too.

I personally wouldn't bother with Naples, it's just more beach, which if you're going to the Caribbean you'll have loads of. The pier does have lots of dolphins though and that's pretty cool.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 11-Sep-17 21:20:22

The Keys are nice if you fancy a road trip with a great view. Nice to stop off, but more beach, which unless you're diving I think is a bit of a waste myself.

We stayed between Xmas and NY once and it was cool to visit, but I wouldn't drag the kids I don't think

pilates Wed 20-Sep-17 17:42:18

Airboat ride in the Everglades
Dolphin mall/Sawgrass Mill mall
Miami marlins baseball game
Beaches are great
MIami is very expensive (20% tipping plus tax)
So take lots of money and enjoy!

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