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Coping with jetlagged 4 year old!

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malteser17 Sat 26-Aug-17 22:33:50

Hi all

We came back from the US on Monday after a 6 day trip from Indianapolis which is 5 hours behind the UK. Our 4 year old DS is on some weird timezone since our return! We have to wake him up in the mornings but he's not hungry until around 10am, then he doesn't want food at lunchtime,
he's shattered mid afternoon but doesn't nap and then by bedtime he's wide awake and we're struggling to get him to sleep before 10pm! Some of it could be lack of routine (we're in that weird gap between preschool and starting reception) but if anyone has any tips for helping him through this that would be great :-) TIA!

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penstemon Sat 26-Aug-17 22:45:25

I think it would be the same as it is for anyone else & you need to have a strict routine in place. Get him up at the usual time & have exciting plans in place so that he wants to get up & have his breakfast. If they are in place, he will be hungry at lunchtime etc

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