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Disney dining in 2018 coming to an end

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Dailystuck71 Mon 21-Aug-17 17:23:35

I am sure I read that they stop this at the end of October for 2018 bookings. Does anyone know what they are likely to offer next?

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Hulababy Mon 21-Aug-17 17:27:01

They sometimes then offer a slightly lesser version of it - so only the basic DDP perhaps. It isn't always available, though sometimes other offers kick it. It varies.

PoptartPoptart Tue 22-Aug-17 03:28:06

I can't answer your question op but I just wanted to say that if you are in any doubt about booking a DDP then my advice is to do it! We are currently in Disney and we got the basic DDP free as part of our package when we booked. We then opted to upgrade to the DDP+ which was an extra £13 per day. That entitles us to a table service meal, a quick service meal and two snacks per day. It's way too much food really but we have been able to eat in some amazing restaurants on this plan and there is no way we could have afforded to go without the plan. For example, we ate in Teppan Edo which was possibly the best food and restaurant experience I have ever had, on the plan. If we had just booked and paid our way the meal would have cost £50+ per person. Also the snacks are great. It means we can get the kids drinks and ice cream etc without having to keep putting our hand in our wallet.
I would thoroughly recommend it, great choice and great value for money.

Dailystuck71 Tue 22-Aug-17 06:58:52

Thanks poptart. It's difficult because there are good deals but DH can't book his time off work until a November.

The deposit is just £150 and I'd be tempted to book and if we have to cancel it's not a huge amount of cash in the grand scheme of things.

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Hulababy Tue 22-Aug-17 08:01:53

We also had a free ddp for the first time this year - 1 QS per day, TS per day and 2 snacks per day. Though you use it when you like. You could chose to use it all on one day if you wanted to!

It's a lot!! I'm sure I've never eaten so much, especially as we had two days at universal in the week where we ate there.

However, remember that a snack can include a drink. We didn't realise in the first couple of days so spent money in buying Coke and water when we didn't need to.

Also you can trade in TS and QS for snacks. A QS can be traded for 3 snacks.

Dd and her friend traded in about 50 snacks on the final day to bring home with them!

Dailystuck71 Tue 22-Aug-17 14:21:13

So it is worth it then having meals? I like the look of the self catering apartment style accommodation in the deal at the moment. It's a moderate one.

We will do universal but over the last two days and move to their accommodation to get express passes.

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Becstarlenski Tue 22-Aug-17 14:35:12

If you want to book ? just book 1 person and then add the rest when hubby gets confirmation of holidays. It will only cost you £50, Disney travel company are very good at changing dates dining plans etc, so you can still get the $100 gift card as the offer with which you originally book carries over even if you amend.
I've just added my nephew onto next years booking as we had to get permission from his mum, no problems just had to pay a £50 deposit for him.

Dailystuck71 Tue 22-Aug-17 14:41:59

Oh fab. Will do that then.

Looking at October. Do English schools get an October break? We are Scotland and get the middle two weeks.

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southeastlondonmum Wed 23-Aug-17 10:07:35

I just booked for October half term -9 nights - will have to take the kids out of school for two days. Went on site at a moderate Disney hotel and up graded to 2 snacks, one quick service and one counter service meals (the deal was quick service offer with the hotel). I booked direct with Disney as virgin and Thomson were very pricey and I need to get flights when they are out in November. Deposit £50/ person. Balance paid next august. Can't wait and actually was not that much more than a week in our favourite place in Spain at Eastershock

Hulababy Wed 23-Aug-17 11:43:15

England October half term is the last week of October, going into December. Some schools have two weeks which is usually also the week before.

Hulababy Wed 23-Aug-17 11:43:23

going into November!

Dailystuck71 Wed 23-Aug-17 16:31:31

Thank you! What hotel did you book south?

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southeastlondonmum Wed 23-Aug-17 17:45:15

Booked Port Orleans riverside royal room. Now is time to book

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