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Car seats and pushchairs on Singapore Air

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zoobaby Sun 13-Aug-17 17:15:29

We're flying longhaul (2 separate legs) with Singapore Air and I'm having trouble deciphering their policy on car seats and push chairs.

As far as I can figure, you can take the pushchair onboard as long as there is room for it, and it folds and meets certain dimensions. Brilliant. But what if they don't have space for it? Will it go in the cargo hold for free?

We'd also like to take DD's car seat with us so she can then travel in cars at our destination. I can find info about taking it in the cabin (certain dimensions again) but she will be 2.5, so won't necessarily need it there. In fact for the rest of us, I think we'd prefer to not have it in the cabin.

I can't find any info about checking in car seats. Can anyone clarify? Do they class as part of your luggage allowance and we need to shove lots of extra stuff in the car seat carrier bag, or is it extra?

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Scotinoz Sun 13-Aug-17 20:57:01

Generally, you you take strollers like YoYo and Zens (the ones that fold up to handbag size) on board. Anything else gets checked at the gate.

With infants travelling on your lap, strollers and car seats form part of their allowance. When they're on their own seat, it all just forms part of your total allowance. With 3 of you you've probably got about 90kgs, which is stacks. The stroller and seat are just like extra suitcases.

Scotinoz Sun 13-Aug-17 21:03:04

Oh and yes, if they can't fit a stroller on board then they put it in the hold with out any issue.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 14-Aug-17 08:05:22

The stroller is more likely to go in the hold of the aircraft along with the car seat (without charge).

Re the car seat, are you certain that you can use it at your destination.
(I ask that only as Australia for instance have their own sets of rules re car seats. Car seats bought overseas will not comply with the Australian standard and it is illegal to use them in Australia).

JellyTipisthebest Mon 14-Aug-17 09:49:42

We flew Singapore with two high back boosters kids were 12 and 8 I put them in a carseat bag. They were never weighed. My dh was sent to put them in over sized area. I wouldn't worry about it. As for pushchairs I am not 100% sure but it its a pushchair that folds up like a hand luggage bag than you almost certainly will be able to keep it on plane. If its not it may be put in the hold but that wont happen until you get on the plane. If that happens its at the gate so wont be weighed but you wont get it back during transit . At singapour they have pushchair things but the are like a carseat with no padding so prob not the best for a under 1

LunaTheCat Mon 14-Aug-17 09:54:29

Singapore airlines are great with families - the children usually get lots attention from flight attendants and they provide a travel pack for children and healthy meals and children served first.
They will put the stroller n the hold but it will be waiting on the air bridge when you disembark. Car seats go in hold.
Have a wonderful trip!

zoobaby Mon 14-Aug-17 12:32:29

Ahh, brill. Many thanks for the replies. That's reassuring to know about Singapore Air being good with families.

Am I correct in thinking you've all just just clarified the difference between "weight concept" and "piece concept", basically this whole page for me? smile

See, I thought that you were only allowed one bag totalling 30kg for non-US flights, whereas you're all saying that I can have multiple bags (a suitcase and a carseat bag) totalling 30kg for each person?

Of course, why else would they need to specify the US and non-US? Ahh, DUH, how dumb am I?!? I'm pleading nativity, as never travelled with DC before.

One more question inspired by ScotinOz - will they weigh the whole allocation as a group? Could I travel like a famous person and take 20 bags each weighing only 6kg each? I'm tempted, I tell ya.

Good to know about the stroller, it doesn't fold up that small, so will go in the hold but not til the gate (no weighing) and we'll see it again at the end. Seriosuly, why don't they have FAQ on their site?

Attilla, ahhh yes, the destination is Aus and I did read how the car seat will be illegal as they have those totally anchored ones now. We're pre-ordering a booster seat for 5 yo DS and having it delivered so it'll be in the car waiting for him. But we need DD to try out her new seat so we're gonna take it anyway and use it for a few days until we can buy one locally. We're relocating, family will be collecting us from airport, have no car seat and can't borrow one either. We'll just take our chances of a fine during the trip from airport and then the car trip to the shops to buy a new one (I guess we'll then have to make our car purchase choice based on whether it can take the seat - haha).

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AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 14-Aug-17 15:09:49

"One more question inspired by ScotinOz - will they weigh the whole allocation as a group? Could I travel like a famous person and take 20 bags each weighing only 6kg each? I'm tempted, I tell ya".

No, they won't do that re your first sentence. Re your second sentence they will not let you do that and they will also charge you for excess baggage. The baggage allowance is per person and class of travel also comes into it.

Presumably your flight to Singapore originates here in the UK at Heathrow. From my reading of this you are allowed one suitcase per person weighing up to 30kg (but that is heavy I warn you) to go into the hold. Any more cases per person will get hit with an excess baggage charge and that will apply per sector.

Singapore also fly to and from the US and they have a different set of baggage allowances. Those are actually pretty much standard across the industry. Many Far East carriers do generally speaking allow their passengers a heavier baggage allowance.

MangosteenSoda Mon 14-Aug-17 15:32:38

Are you sure the allowance is 30kg pp? I frequently travel with Cathay Pacific and it's 23 in economy, I think 30 in premium economy and 40 in business, but I think there are special rules for the US where they have bigger suitcases! So on flights to the US, I think it's a single suitcase weighing no more than 30 in economy. Just asking because the website info is always irritatingly vague, but the weight limit is usually clearly stated in your booking documents.

I flew back to Asia a few days ago with my 2 year old. I checked in 3 suitcases of about 20 kg each and one car seat. I took a stroller to the gate and picked it up at the gate on the other side. As I understand it, you (each party), can check in more than one item as long as it doesn't exceed the weight limit. I think if you have a suitcase each plus a car seat and are within your allowed limits, you will be fine. The best thing to do is to call the airline to check.

Afaik, you can only take BabyZen Yoyo and Pockit strollers in the cabin because they fold up so small. Sometimes the counter staff make you demonstrate.

zoobaby Tue 15-Aug-17 12:36:12

Thanks all.

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JellyTipisthebest Mon 21-Aug-17 00:08:14

If you are moving overseas and have a un used visa the airline may double your allowance. So if you have yous visas sorted but have not already entered the country on them worth contacting the travel agent or the airline. We never came close to our doubled limit when we moved to NZ they also didn't weigh our carseats

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