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Where to stay in Mexico with a 14 year old

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Tellmewhatyouknow Thu 10-Aug-17 10:03:10

We are looking to go to Mexico for Easter.

My DD is 14 so we want to pick a resort which will suit her.
We don't want an 18-30s vibe because obviously, she is too young for that but we don't want her to get bored in a resort which is just full of honeymooners.

Any recommendations?

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Tellmewhatyouknow Fri 11-Aug-17 16:50:57


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ihatethecold Fri 11-Aug-17 18:04:06

Riu yucatan is great.
I took my dd 13 and her friend this Easter.
Good choice of food and a nice pool.

thatdearoctopus Fri 11-Aug-17 18:22:37

Honeymooners would probably opt for an adults-only resort?

We went last year and loved it (although in an adults only hotel). There are some great AI complexes south of Cancun, with lots to do.

chuffineck Fri 11-Aug-17 18:25:18

I second the Riu Yucatan. We went as a group of 8 with a 14 year old. She loved every minute. There's great activity round the pool every day, beach volleyball and different water sports.

ihatethecold Sat 12-Aug-17 00:48:15

Dreamliners are much nicer, newer planes.
We flew with Thomsons
Best long haul flight I've taken in ages.
We've just come to the US with BA. Not even close to a Dreamliner plane.

Tellmewhatyouknow Sat 12-Aug-17 09:39:58

Thanks for the recommendations - All booked now.

We have been on the Dreamliner before and had a great flight.

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ihatethecold Sat 12-Aug-17 13:24:08

Yay. You will love the howler monkeys at the hotel.
They wake you up at 6am for a morning chorus for 20 mins.

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