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Old Key West, Wilderness Lodge, Beach Club - Disney World.

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MsGameandWatching Sat 05-Aug-17 19:56:25


Have narrowed down to this short list. If anyone has stayed at any of them, can you tell me what you think of them? Would you recommend?

Many thanks smile

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Hulababy Sat 05-Aug-17 20:08:24

We stayed in a one bed villa at old Key Erst on February.
We had a ground floor room with terrace overlooking the golf course. There was a separate king size bedroom and Dd and her friend slept on the sofa bed. They have a kitchenette with nice big fridge plus a laundry room. Big bathroom with a shower room as well. Nice and spacious for us. We left the sofa bed out as we didn't spent much time at the resort.

The resort centre was lovely and we used the boat to go to Disney Springs. We grabbed breakfast every day from the take away. We didn't eat in the main restaurant but it had good reviews.

Customer service was excellent and the staff we encountered were great.

We only used the Disney bus transport once but it was fairly straightforward. We just preferred using our car instead.

MsGameandWatching Sat 05-Aug-17 21:48:19

Thanks so much Hula. Have you stayed in other Disney resorts other than those I have listed? I'm really struggling to narrow them down.

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Hulababy Sun 06-Aug-17 23:46:44

Only other Disney one was Animal Kingdom lodge. Was a lovely hotel but we had far more room at Old Key West.
We've stayed at Hard Rock Hotel bear Universal too - again lovely but expensive, and nowhere near as much room as the one bed villa at OKW. Other than that we've stayed in villas.

Annebronte Fri 11-Aug-17 13:26:53

Of the resorts you list, Beach Club has the best location, in my opinion. You can walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, or take a short boat ride. Makes it very easy to make the most of all the great restaurants in Epcot World Showcase. Beach Club also has the best pool of all the Disney hotels. It shares the pool with its sister hotel: the Yacht Club. We stayed at Yacht Club, which I slightly prefer to Beach Club. It's foyer is quieter and all the rooms have full balconies, whereas at Beach Club some rooms have Juliet balconies. Both are great, though.

pud1 Fri 11-Aug-17 13:34:44

i stayed at Old Key west back in 2015. i really liked the hotel. the rooms were spacious compared to the other Disney hotel we stayed in. admittedly we did budget the first time so stayed int he all Stars. apparently old key west used to be the Disney vacation club ( time share) resort so the rooms are that bit bigger with more of a villa feel.
the pool was fab and they had a room for craft type activities which was fab for a bit of quiet time for the kids. they did toasting marshmallows in the evening which was also a big hit
the transport was great. as i remember it was a boat to downtown or buses to all other parks.
the only thing that i preferred at the All stars was they had a large food court. we had the dining plan so the only meals we ate at the hotel where counter service type food and the choice was better in the All Stars.

2014newme Sun 13-Aug-17 08:54:51

Stayed at beach club. Good location next to epcot and Hollywood studios. Also the best swimming pool in Walt Disney World!

WicketWoo Sun 13-Aug-17 09:10:07

We are part of DVC and stayed at the DVC half of Beach and Yacht Club. It had the most amazing pool. Really, properly fab. Sand bottomed pool, sandy beach bit at the edge for toddlers, lazy river, big slides.

The location was great too. Boardwalk a short hop on a boat, or a nice walk round the lake. A really short walk to the back entrance (near France) in Epcot. And a short walk or boat ride to Hollywood studios.

We have also stayed at animal kingdom lodge which was pretty amazing and bay lake tower (next to contemporary) which was a fab location for late night flits to magic kingdom.

MissBeehiving Sun 13-Aug-17 09:22:58

We stayed at the Beach Club 2 years ago and are going back in October, then to the Yacht Club in 2018.

Before booking for 2018 we looked at the other resorts but the location of the BC/YC is really brilliant because of the short walk to Epcot or HS and the Boardwalk. We found that we spent very little time in the room because of that close proximity to the parks.

The pool is lovely too.

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