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Single Escorted Tours - August 2017

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ghanchi Sun 30-Jul-17 23:06:27

Looking for an Escorted Tour holiday for a single person during the summer break; any ideas for a cheap break ?

UK/Europe/Worldwide considered

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ImperialBlether Sun 30-Jul-17 23:09:45

What sort of thing do you mean?

NannyR Sun 30-Jul-17 23:12:10

I've used exodus before and been very happy with them.

Banoffeecoffee Thu 03-Aug-17 20:04:18

Agree re:exodus. Also been with explore and intrepid and both also good. On the trips I've done at least half the group have been solo travellers. Loads of bargains for late getaways!

ZaraW Fri 04-Aug-17 19:03:24

Exodus or Intrepid. Though I prefer Intrepid as prices are cheaper and there are usually Australians in the group who from past experience make for really good travel companions.

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