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Winter sun hol with 4 y/o and baby

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rhubarbcrumble66 Sun 30-Jul-17 19:25:05

Hi - we were thinking of booking Canaries (Lanzarote) for 2 weeks in January but a bit unsure about the weather - looks like it's a bit unpredictable. We don't necessarily want very hot but ideally not too cool / cloudy and want to be able to swim in the sea. Any suggestions for other winter sun holidays that would be easy with a 4 y/o and baby - looking for good facilities (pools, spas, restaurant), walking distance from shops / restaurants, and ideally under 10 hour flight, so possibly some Caribbean resorts.. any suggestions??

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2014newme Sun 30-Jul-17 20:40:11

You have 2 threads
Canaries, we went in Feb weather was high teens to low 20s, get a heated pool
Caribbean most are 8-9 hours in the West indies if fly direct
Florida bit longer flight

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