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Tips for Mexico?

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sergeantmajor Mon 24-Jul-17 15:16:27

We're off to Mexico in a couple of weeks (beyond excited!), with DCs 15, 13 and 8. Any advice for once we're there? We're travelling around the Yucatan peninsula then staying at a beach hotel. Anything to avoid, any tips on not getting fleeced, or hurt, or how to make the most of it?

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singthatsongagain Tue 25-Jul-17 22:40:24

We did similar a couple of years ago and had a wonderful time.
We did prebook accommodation, 3 nights in 5 locations and tbh we wished we'd stayed longer in some places than others.
Our favourite place was Tulum, least favourite Playa Del Carmen.

Have you got a car? We were told to have a spare wallet with a few pesos for when policeman stop you and want a bribe but we never needed it.
Driving was actually fine, but watch out for the topes (enormous speed bumps) and mad drivers. We didn't drive after dark in the more rural places.

There is some fantastic snorkelling, especially further south in the peninsula so I'd suggest taking your own masks, snorkels & fins.

Also plenty of deet.

2014newme Wed 26-Jul-17 10:38:20

Snorkeling with turtles at Akumal Beach
Xel-Ha water park
Take lots of sun cream it's very hot and sun is very strong. Rash vests. Insect repellent.
Roads are v good.
It's a brilliant place been there with kids several times

jellybeanteaparty Thu 27-Jul-17 22:25:08

Check out cenotes (freshwater waterholes where you can often swim ) they are signposted from roads and you may get it to yourself (entry not much money)
Second other posters for Akumel for turtles (and american style ice cream cafe!) and Tulum and suggest Coba jungle mayan pyramids its very Indiana Jones.
We did an organised drift snorkal off Cozamel island that was great too.
We found driving and travel fine one tip for filling up with petrol is to give the attendant a set amount of money you want to fill up This saves the possibility of being overcharged and not understanding the numbers! There is a big Walmart supermarket in Playa del Carmen that you can stock up with essentials! Enjoy

woodhill Thu 27-Jul-17 22:35:39

Make sure you pay in pesos, be careful at petrol stations, count the cash.

Watch when you drive back to airport that your luggage isn't visible.

AdoraBell Thu 27-Jul-17 22:37:51

envy never been so I can't actually help, soz. Hope you have a fab time.

grin envy

lucydogz Wed 02-Aug-17 08:31:31

Probably way out of your itinerary , but Mexico City is fascinating.

KatyBerry Wed 02-Aug-17 08:38:11

Are you heading for chichen itza? Def worth staying at the hotel near the site so you get there before the tour busses. Also Merida is very lovely- there's a hotel pretty much in the centre with a pool on the roof and a fantastic view. Isla Mujeres rather than Cozumel for snorkelling- less busy plus turtle sanctuary.
Unlike the poster above, I really liked plays, but I am15 years out of date and it's probably trebled in size! (There was certainly no giant US supermarket chain there back then)
You'll eat well at roadside taquerias for very little$$.
Sand flies and mozzies ruined Tulum for me; I think they spray the area now but take deer in case and maybe don't stay in each cabanas with a sand floor

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