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Caribbean with 6 year old end of July?

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RaisingMissDaisy Tue 01-Aug-17 19:10:24

HA! I wish!!

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icelollycraving Tue 01-Aug-17 14:48:32

Oh lovely. Never turn right on the plane wink

RaisingMissDaisy Tue 01-Aug-17 13:13:02

Well...... you see we flew business class both ways (!!). this was due to the BA staff travel, we didnt pay for it, just got very lucky. So we were very comfortable. She still got a bit bored on the way out, claiming to need a toilet every half hour, when I think really she just wanted to walk around. But on the way back she slept most of the way, so that was easy. Poor thing, this was her first long haul flight, she probably thinks every long haul flight is as comfortable as that. She'll be in for a shock if we ever do this again but this time in economy, which is much more our budget :-)

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icelollycraving Tue 01-Aug-17 07:49:49

Glad you had a lovely time. How was she with the flight?

RaisingMissDaisy Mon 31-Jul-17 14:55:44

Hello all
in case anyone is interested: we did fly to Barbados for 6 nights and it was brilliant. A few days with the odd rain shower here and there but also 2 or 3 days without any rain at all. Hot all the way through though, lovely! And (quite) a few insect bites in my case, husband and daughter less so, but nothing unbearable. We all suffered from tiredness a little bit on the first day but by day 2 were fine. My little one kept saying she wished she could stay in Barbados forever :-) And if we can at all afford it, I am sure we will be back.
Thanks again to those who responded to the thread

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flystraightpast Wed 12-Jul-17 16:49:23

I've been in the Caribbean for the last week and we haven't had any rain at all in the day.
This is our 4th trip and it's never been a total washout, the odd shower but plenty of sunshine.
It's hot though and the mosquitos are out in force.

RaisingMissDaisy Wed 12-Jul-17 14:03:42

Thank you all again for your responses.
We are vaguely thinking Barbados, there does seem to be availability. However, I had a look at Accuweather (thank you mummymeister) and it does forecast showers and thunderstoms, albeit passing, for pretty much every day, which worries me a little. Ookmybanana, but you are saying this would literally most likely really only be PASSING rather than long lasting?
if anyone wonders why we are so set on the Caribbean: my husband works for an airline and can get cheap flights. We have never been on a proper holiday together (skint) AND he may not work for them for much longer, so we thought we should try and make the most of it. But then, is a 10 hour flight with a 6 year old really so desireable if we end up sitting in the rain at the other end??

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Agnesmay Tue 11-Jul-17 19:54:11

Have a look at jewel runaway bay in Jamaica

mummymeister Tue 11-Jul-17 11:05:19

If you are thinking of this July (2 weeks away) then most of the child friendly places will already be booked out.

your best bet is to do a last minute search and see what resorts and countries come up as still having child friendly places. Anywhere that any of us recommend is going to be full for 2 weeks time unless you get really lucky and get a cancellation.

Ookmybanana Tue 11-Jul-17 09:59:35

I used to live in the Caribbean. It does rain in July but it rarely rains all day. Just passing heavy showers which are more of a relief than anything else. It's normal in the 30s and is very humid which littlies can sometimes struggle with but a good pool and beach will help, plus air conditioning!

RaisingMissDaisy Tue 11-Jul-17 09:56:11

Thank you. Have you been? Can you recommend anywhere childfriendly? My main concern is that I would like my daughter to have other kids to play with

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mummymeister Tue 11-Jul-17 08:43:31

have a look at the accuweather website. really useful tool in deciding if somewhere is the place for you or not. Of course its going to incredibly hot - its near the equator. whether its unbearable depends on you I guess.

personally, I think there are so many other great places to go to that I wouldn't go to a Caribbean resort because people tend to get stuck in the resort and not get out and about.

RaisingMissDaisy Tue 11-Jul-17 07:58:15

Does anyone know what it's like in the Caribbean at the end of July? Does it rain a lot? Unbearably hot? Has anyone been and can recommend a family friendly hotel ideally with kids club, kids pool and gym??
Thank you in advance!!

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