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Florida holiday. Advice?

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fluffydogs Mon 03-Jul-17 14:42:58

We went in August last year and didn't encounter any shut down of rides etc
But anyway we booked flights and car as a fly drive as it came up loads cheaper. Booked a villa separately as we did the tickets for Disney. It was no where near as expensive as that!
We flew Virgin too and did 3 weeks!
Tickets were £1000
Flights & Car 2k
Villa £1.5k that's about it. I much prefer to be in a villa for down time etc.

Tormundsbrow Mon 03-Jul-17 14:06:24

Can you go in the Easter holidays or half terms instead? The weather can be terrible that time of year, rides/water parks get shut down because of the storms etc.

RusholmeRuffian Mon 03-Jul-17 13:56:25

Last time I went to Florida I booked flights, hotel and park tickets separately and it worked out cheaper. It's worth looking into it but the problem is that flights for next summer may not be available yet. You could get an idea based on this summer's flight prices on Skyscanner but things might be different next year. Also check out Norwegian air as they have great prices to Orlando.

For hotels, look at . You'll get one night free if you book 10 nights or more. Might be worth considering Hotwire as an option if you don't have a specific hotel preference. I have got some bargains in the US through them.

TheGirlWhoLovedTomGordon Mon 03-Jul-17 10:30:51

DH and I are looking at holidays to Florida for next summer. Have had a quote from Virgin of £9780. That's for us and three DC under 13. Includes parks, B and B in 2 room suite on international drive. No car, as we don't want one.
Has anyone done it another way, and found it to be cheaper? Or a better experience?
Would love some perspectives please, as have never done USA before. Virgin are price matching at the moment too.
Thanks so much.

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