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Boston USA with associated road trip... inspire us

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yikesanotherbooboo Sun 02-Jul-17 19:02:34

Rethinking our holiday... considering a return flight to Boston and car hire with a couple of days in Boston at start or end.
On a bit of a budget
Like the look of mount Washington and some coast...
DH , me and DS16...
Like a bit of pottering and a day or two in wilderness, don't mind driving but perhaps a day of two staying in 3/4 places?
Any must see/ dos... can we do it in 10 days or do we nee 2 weeks?
Planning to leave on or around the 5 August so popular accommodation will be booked up... particularly at the seaside. Is this a major problem? We want cleanliness and comfort but not luxury and will probably all sleep in 1 room

RusholmeRuffian Sun 02-Jul-17 21:04:02

The Maine coast is amazing and I would highly recommend it as a road trip destination! If coastal accommodation is looking pricey just have a look at places further inland. It's just a place to sleep! I would definitely try and visit Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. Kennebunkport is also lovely.

Latenightreader Sun 02-Jul-17 21:14:03

I loved Nantucket. The youth hostel there is amazing - it's the old lifeboat station. There is a ferry from Hyannis, which has a small museum (mostly Kennedy photos when I was there last) nice cafés etc.

BubblesBuddy Thu 06-Jul-17 23:16:14

Just drive up the coast from Boston. Cape Cod will be rammed! The small towns are lovely.

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