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Long haul in August... recommendations please!

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TealStar Tue 27-Jun-17 18:28:33

We're in the rather fortunate position of planning a long-haul trip next summer.
We're a family of four (two young teen dds) and we like quite active holidays, with plenty of relaxing thrown in!
Our quandary is where to go that isn't rainy in August. We don't mind rainy season, so long as there are some spells of good sunny weather thrown in.

Criteria include:

Things to do (activities etc)
Approx mid twenties av. temperature
Beaches (at least for part of it)
An element of wildlife / educational stuff

We plan to travel in the country of choice.

Any ideas welcomed... thank you!

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TealStar Tue 27-Jun-17 18:29:15

Apologies for the rather cheesy use of 'thrown in' twice grin

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PuckeredAhole Tue 27-Jun-17 18:53:34

Costa Rica or Belize

TealStar Tue 27-Jun-17 19:56:31

Considering Costa Rica but isn't it v rainy then? Will look into Belize.

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Stopyourhavering Tue 27-Jun-17 20:21:31

Cuba?.... will be hot and some heavy downpours ( don't last long tho!)
Lots of great places to visit, culture , music ...we went 3 yrs ago with dd17 and ds15

TealStar Tue 27-Jun-17 20:36:01

Thanks Stop. I'm definitely gravitating towards C. America. I'd quite like to do a tour from Panama to Cuba or Mexico, taking in Costa Rica, Belize and Honduras. Wouldn't know where to start though! All the tour companies seem to be so prescriptive and we'd quite like a bit of down time between destinations...

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SJane45S Tue 27-Jun-17 20:52:47

We went to Costa Rica last August and while you'll have thunderstorms daily, they are usually late afternoon, prices are cheaper & you'll get plenty of brilliant sunshine. It ticks your adventurous box but still feels safe. We organised private transfers between the places we stayed (San Jose, Arenal & Manuel Antonio) but there is a bus network or if you have strong nerves, hire a car! It's very green in August - take lots of deet though if you do go as more humidity, more mozzies! I loved it.

ihatethecold Tue 27-Jun-17 21:01:43

We did Koh Samui last August with our teens.
It's the dry season in summer.
It was fab

JohnnyUtahsWetsuit Tue 27-Jun-17 21:08:09

Northern California? With maybe a trip further south for beaches.

SaltySeaBird Tue 27-Jun-17 21:15:10

Not the best time for Costa Rica in my opinion, nor Belize. You will get some nice days but equally could have several with poor weather. It's hurricane season in Belize and prepare for rainy afternoons in Costa Rica.

Borneo would be my first choice in August based on your criteria.

Indonesia is also nice in August, we went for the whole of August one year and the weather was fantastic.

TealStar Tue 27-Jun-17 21:16:00

We're considering Northern California too! I've only vetoed it for now because I'm put off by the expense of staying in the States, and dh has lived out there already (so not new to him) but I would love it, so it certainly isn't a definite no-no!

Yes to Thailand, again a possibility. Thanks!

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TealStar Tue 27-Jun-17 21:18:48

Thanks Salty, definite food for thought there! I do love orangutans!

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ajandjjmum Tue 27-Jun-17 21:19:16

South Africa? Their winter I know, but at times hotter than our summer. Side trip to Victoria Falls thrown in? grin We had one of our best holidays there when my DC were mid teens.

LemonyFresh Tue 27-Jun-17 21:26:20

I wouldn't do around the Caribbean in August, either ridiculously hot and humid or tropical downpours. Feb-May is the best time.

sm40 Tue 27-Jun-17 21:29:34

We did New York, Boston and New England last August! Was a bit warm so did sightseeing mixed with pool and beaches. Also helped our friend had brought a massive Beach house!!!

textmetoo Tue 27-Jun-17 21:42:50

We've done lots of wrong season holidays in the summer; Caribbean, Central America, Indian Ocean.
If you don't want it too hot consider Mauritius. The weather was like a nice summers day in the UK, mostly about 24' but I needed a cardi at night.
The DC spent all day sailing, waterskiing and playing tennis as it was all included in the hotels (not AI though). The 12 hour overnight is tough but it really was worth it, we ended up going 3 times.

TealStar Tue 27-Jun-17 21:52:42

Thanks so much all, please keep the ideas coming... this is brilliant.

I really love the idea of Mauritius, only concern is how 'cultural' an experience it would be... but oh yes I could certainly while a couple of weeks away there (or the Seychelles... anyone know how they compare?)

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Stopyourhavering Tue 27-Jun-17 22:03:23

We're actually heading to Seychelles this September/October ( but just as a couple this time!!... kids are all now at Uni!).....spending week on Praslin and week on Mahe but intend on taking some boat trips to La Digue /curieuse...looking forward to snorkelling, kayaking and searching for turtles, whale sharks and exotic plants and birds!!... felt it was even more exclusive and exciting then Mauritius

textmetoo Tue 27-Jun-17 22:04:20

I've been to the Seychelles tooblushbut not with the DC. We went to The out islands and it was very much honeymoon/ couples territory, I don't know about Mahe. Terrific scuba though.

Vintageproblem Tue 27-Jun-17 22:07:50

We've been looking at the same month. We were recommended to look at Bali or Fiji.

I wouldn't go to Mauritius in August, it's often better weather here!

TealStar Tue 27-Jun-17 22:13:02

Argh, that's a shame about the weather vintage! I've been told that Bali is the Antipodeans' Ibiza, which puts me off a bit!

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textmetoo Tue 27-Jun-17 22:14:40

What about Thailand? Bangkok, Chang Mai then loll about on the beach at the end?

Vintageproblem Tue 27-Jun-17 22:16:27

I think it depends which bit of Bali you go to. Avoid Kuta!

Sweetnessishere Tue 27-Jun-17 22:19:19

Queensland Australia?

Judashascomeintosomemoney Tue 27-Jun-17 22:19:21

Friends of mine are going to Thailand this year for a weeks travelling, then meeting us in Singapore for a long weekend city break, then going on to Vietnam for another week and a bit travelling.

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