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'mini-break' from singapore

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thewalrus Thu 22-Jun-17 11:17:31

After some more advice as we plan a big family trip to NZ next year. We have more-or-less decided to fly with Singapore Airlines and have a stopover on the way back home. We'd like to spend a night or two in Singapore, but we'd also like to do something else - perhaps head into Malaysia for a couple of days and go to a beach/national park. Considering a taxi to Mersing and then ferry to Tioman/Rawa island. Or maybe a flight to Langkawi. Or Bintan (but DH has taken against that after some research). Any thoughts/other suggestions?

We are family of 5, kids aged 9-11. It will be their first long-haul trip, so unknown how they will cope with jetlag/culture shock etc (I may be overthinking this bit as my sister always used to be violently sick whenever we went anywhere new!). Trying to balance the fact that DH and I used to pack a lot into our travels and would love a bit of an adventure with what's realistic with children...

Thanks for any thoughts you have.

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specialsubject Fri 23-Jun-17 16:00:46

Malaysia has a monsoon so the time of year you are going will affect which side you go to. Langkawi is pleasant if right time of year.

Culture shock wise, perfect destinations. The lonely planet lot are rude about Singapore because it is clean, safe, has pavements, you can drink the water, most people speak English - but it is still very different and well worth visiting. And that does not mean going shopping!

And oh, the food....

thewalrus Fri 23-Jun-17 22:24:50

Thank you for this. Definitely looking at langkawi. We will be there in April.

I like Singapore (or I did 15 years ago when I last went there) and it sounds like a fun place for kids. But also keen to get the kids out of town, partly to see something else and partly because two of them will find a hot city hard going. I'd love them to get some time on a tropical beach...

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blueshoes Fri 23-Jun-17 23:11:31

My children 13 and 10 were very put out by the heat and humidity of Singapore. All the places in the region will be similar.

What you need is hotel/resort with a swimming pool or on a shady beach to keep them happy.

QueenofLouisiana Sun 25-Jun-17 22:12:38

Melaka in Malaysia? Easy bus trip, totally different from Singapore! It was a Portuguese colony so the buildings are amazing, the food is good and there are lots of things to look at.
The prices are pretty good- the whole trip can be booked with one if the coach companies in Singapore- usually leaving about 8am so you'll be in Melaka by early afternoon, allowing for a brief stop. The coaches have to screen, air-con, wifi etc so it's a comfy way to travel.

MardAsSnails Fri 30-Jun-17 04:07:46

Borneo! 2.5 hours from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu.

sparechange Fri 30-Jun-17 04:11:57

If the only thing you want is beach and a break from the city, go to Sentosa for a couple of days

Saves the hassle of an extra flight for 2 days on a beach

coconutwater1 Fri 30-Jun-17 04:31:04

With the time of year you can choose pretty much everywhere in Malaysia, the boat crossings over to Tiamon will be up and running then as well, and the East coast tends to be drier outside monsoon season. Kuantan has many beaches and places to stay along the coast (Cherating) more a local place than over run with tourists if your looking for that kind of break

I to would also suggest Malaysian Borneo (Sabah), kids would love to see the orangutans and the cultural village is interesting. Some good hotels but further out from town

Melaka is also interesting but not a flop on the beach holiday place, but is very interesting.

Pulau Gemia is great, tiny Island on the East coast, only one place to stay but relaxing, the turtle sanctuary/hatchery is there and Pulau Kapas has a wonderful beach but thats it nothing else which is just next to Gem. If you want to get away from it all.........take a look

Christinayangstwistedsista Tue 18-Jul-17 21:09:37

Batu batu

hiccupgirl Mon 31-Jul-17 07:22:49

I'd agree with sparechange.

We just had 6 days in Singapore and easily filled the time between time in the pool and trips to do things. DS (7) loved swimming in the sea at the beaches on Sentosa Island and there was enough rainforest at Mount Faber for the cable car, for us to feel we'd not been coped up in the city all week.

I did think about booking a few extra days at a resort at the end but tbh I'm glad I didn't. The heat and humidity is hard work (even in the dry season) and DS found the time difference hard too. He coped well but a long bus journey or another flight would have pushed him over the edge I think.

El12345 Fri 11-Aug-17 20:45:14

Maybe look at Bali? It's only a few hours and in ubud there's loads to see.

hellokittymania Fri 11-Aug-17 20:52:41

I like JB, but I'm probably in a minority here. Just curious, but what did your husband find out about bintan?

Ollycat Tue 15-Aug-17 18:39:05

We drove from Singapore to Melaka and then up into the Cameron Highlands a number of years ago - was amazing!

Cannotwillnot Tue 15-Aug-17 18:46:23

We went to Bintan from Singapore about 10 years ago and really enjoyed it. Fabulous beach and white sand, but not a whole lot else to do.

We stayed at the Banyan Tree which was great for couples and had fabulous restaurants, but kids might get bored. That said we did a swimming with dolphins day which was really excellent.

Soslowmo Tue 15-Aug-17 18:52:38

I spent my childhood in Singapore and have amazing memories of Rawa island. Absolute paradise.

temporarilycross Tue 15-Aug-17 18:53:12

I wouldn't bother with Bintan. You can fly to Krabi or Phuket in Thailand in 1.5hrs with TigerAir or Airasia. Both lovely.
Langkawi nice too.
Dc the age of yours would probably love Sentosa in Singapore itself. Has nice beaches (not beautiful but nice and made with important sand), universal studios, trick eye museum, amazing water park, nice hotels.

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