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what jags do you need for south africa

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nailpolish Mon 19-Mar-07 08:38:32

are they ok to have while pg?

brimfull Mon 19-Mar-07 08:39:43

didn't think you needed any!

nailpolish Mon 19-Mar-07 08:40:01

oh right <confused>

brimfull Mon 19-Mar-07 08:40:31

check with the GP's surgery

ghosty Mon 19-Mar-07 08:42:00

I went to SA when pregnant. Didn't need any.

nailpolish Mon 19-Mar-07 08:42:26

my friend is going to SA and has had all her 'jags' she says

she now thinks she is 3-4 wks pg (well, she IS pg basically, shes done loads of tests)

the trip is next week,

a should she cancel

b what about all these jags

nailpolish Mon 19-Mar-07 08:42:57

thats interesting ghosty, i dont understand what is on about then


nailpolish Mon 19-Mar-07 08:43:31

is it ok to fly longhaul in the first trimester?

ghosty Mon 19-Mar-07 08:44:02

Why would she cancel just for being pregnant? [confused]

SSShakeTheChi Mon 19-Mar-07 08:44:28

You don't HAVE to have any vaccinations before travelling to South Africa, you'd be wise to be up-to-date with standard vaccinations like Hep A, tetanus and so on. I don't think you can get them done if you are pregnant though. What you should think about is Malaria though. I don't know what you can take if you're pregnant and when you have to start taking it. Check that with your doctor.

nailpolish Mon 19-Mar-07 08:44:35

dunno ghosty - she says she doesnt want to fly

ghosty Mon 19-Mar-07 08:45:18

I was 20 weeks pg when I went to SA ...
But I didn't think you couldn't fly in the first trimester. Remember that many people don't know they are pg for some of that time ...

nailpolish Mon 19-Mar-07 08:46:28

yes thats what i told her

if she had left the tests til say, next month, she wouldnt even know she was pg

i think its quite important she goes, its a business thing

i wish i knew what jags she had had

tetanus, maybe?

ghosty Mon 19-Mar-07 08:46:35

Where is she going in SA? Capetown and Jo'burg - no risk of malaria there ... I am certain
But Durban and the Natal may be different.

nailpolish Mon 19-Mar-07 08:47:02

im pretty sure its capetown

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