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Child with Autism At Disney, could anyone give any info on passes etc?

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MsGameandWatch Wed 31-May-17 01:15:44

What do I need to take? Doctors letters etc. Any information would be gratefully received 😊

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AcrossthePond55 Wed 31-May-17 04:01:20

I'm a frequent visitor to the US Disney Parks. The link above is for Disney World in Florida. It's the same procedures for Disneyland in California.

Doctor's letters/records are not required, and under US law they aren't even supposed to look at them. Be prepared to explain specifically what your child cannot do and why your child cannot do it. Do not say 'My child is Autistic'. You will need to say "My child cannot do <activity> because of <symptom/reaction>".

If your child qualifies for a DAS (Disability Access Service) card be aware that it is not a 'front of the line' pass. Instead, you will be given a 'return time' based on the current standby wait time (less 10 minutes). You can then do something else or wait where your child feels comfortable and return to the ride at the designated time and enter via the Fast Pass line or the exit (depending on the ride). If there is a wait in the FP line, as a rule, you will have to wait in that line.

If you're asking about DL Paris, I found a link but I don't know anything about the practicalities

Disney is a wonderful place and I hope you all make some wonderful, magical memories.

landwhale Wed 31-May-17 04:10:59

Just as an aside, if you are using fast passes, I learned yesterday that once all three fp's have been used, you can go to a fp kiosk (or use the app) to get unlimited fast passes for any available rides. Think you might have to book one at a time but in theory you could do all rides on fast pass. Also look into rider swap and combining rider swap with fast passes to avoid queues. :-)

AcrossthePond55 Wed 31-May-17 04:30:55

While there is no daily limit on number of FPs you use, you can only book them ONE at a time. You can book another one when your window opens for the current FP OR two hours after you pulled your current FP, whichever comes first.

Not all rides have FP, especially at Disneyland in California.

Rider swap comes into play when a child cannot ride a ride. It works like this: Mum, Dad, Child A, Child B (who doesn't meet the height requirement). Dad and Child A ride, Mum is given a Rider Swap pass and waits with Child B. When Dad and Child A exit the ride, Mum then uses the pass to ride without waiting in line (using the FP line or exit) whilst Dad now waits with Child B. They usually let Child A ride again.

Youvegotafriendinme Wed 31-May-17 04:32:35

iandwhale beat me too it wink
Exactly as they said. In addition, rider/child swap also allows up to 3 people to ride again. So for example: DM, DN,DSIS, DMIL and child can all go on the ride together. DM swaps with DH and everyone that rode previously rides again!

Just like iandwhale I am also a regularly visitor to Disney world Florida, so feel free to ask other questions if you need to

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