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Airline sales? When?

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snowgirl1 Tue 23-May-17 15:16:37

Does anyone know if and when airlines like BA, Virgin or South African go on sale? I'm looking at flights to South Africa during October half-term and wondering if there's any chance of a slight reduction in the fares? Unlikely, I know but I thought I'd ask!

snowgirl1 Tue 23-May-17 19:30:17

Hopeful bump

mummymeister Wed 24-May-17 15:18:31

generally school holiday fares are always going to be cheapest the sooner you book ie as soon as they are released. the longer you wait because there is high demand in school hols they will go up. only exception is flights to places no one feels safe going to. I would definitely book them as soon as you can. have a look at the website momondo or skyscanner to find them at their cheapest.

Prizepudding Wed 24-May-17 15:53:28

We got great ba prices in August last year (booking for July this year). There is a weekend where they do a sale if you include car hire or maybe hotels, it took the usual price of £600 pp to £450 for Florida flights. If I remember correctly it was mid August but can't remember exact dates.

Scotlass Wed 24-May-17 16:52:43

Marking place as really don't want to pay more than £500 pp for flights to Florida August 2018

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 25-May-17 07:25:27

Sometimes BA launch their sale in July/August; its worth checking their website on a weekly or even a daily basis.

mummymeister Thu 25-May-17 11:51:13

you can get cheaper flights but if they tie you into accommodation or car hire then it becomes a case of swings and roundabouts in my experience. have a look at other budget carriers and consider non direct flights and you might get the price that you are looking for. but it is getting harder due to the pound/dollar situation. did you look at momondo?

ShotsFired Thu 25-May-17 11:55:51

Like their FB page, follow them on twitter, sign up for newsletters etc - all those channels will usually announce sales.

Also you can set alerts on Skyscanner for flights when they hit a certain price.

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