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Ibbleobbleblackbobble Mon 08-May-17 12:56:02

before I start thought id better clear up the title has no direct reference to the site, it was just to grab your attention!!!!

My question is this
Where do you all book your holidays?
in the travel agents?

We have only ever camped so always book our crossings and campsite direct. The thought of planes and baggage and transfers terrifies me!
We are getting married next year so want to book a 2week honeymoon for the 2 of us then a week away with the children at the end of the summer - somewhere away planes and transfers away away!!!


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bojorojo Mon 08-May-17 13:31:52

Via companies like Audley Travel so you can actually speak about what you want. Cox and Kings is reliable too. If I wanted a basic hotel and flight I book via the airline. I prefer BA but others will do the same job and it depends where you want to go. Choose the flights, compare the prices, and see what hotels are on offer. It can be cheaper to do it this way. I take a great deal of notice of hotel ratings from users on or trip advisor. There are some great tips about location and rooms quite often but I am careful to filter out the over gushing though! Or the ludicrously negative. If the airline does not offer a decent hotel, I book myself. Often online directly with the hotel as these days they usually offer good rates. I am flexible with dates to get the best prices for flights and hotels.

Why worry about transfers? To the hotel? You research this via the arival airport or, if you book a package with say, Kuoni, they are included.

Where do you want to go? The advice could be a bit more tailored but it depends on the sort of holiday you want and the amount of work you are prepared to do. I quite often start by looking at a good guide book such as Lonely Planet for hotel recommendations. It is a good starting point and then decide on price and availability.

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