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Alex Hotel, New York

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fairyjay Mon 12-Mar-07 11:20:53

I think one or two mumsnetters have stayed here previously.

How was the location? I don't know New York well, and thought we might be better off in the thick of things - but then again??!!

I've checked Tripadvisor (as always), just wondered if anyone had any additional info.

Thanks .

Alibobster Mon 12-Mar-07 16:03:15

Hi Fairyjay

Lucky you off to Ny. I've bever stayed at this hotel but another good recommendation is the Algonquin. It's only about 5 mins from Times Square

fairyjay Mon 12-Mar-07 16:47:16

Thanks Ali. I have seen that mentioned, must check it out, as I think the children would love to me near Times Square.

The great thing about the Alex is that they have a two bed suite at a decent price, which would be a plus with two teenagers!

Alibobster Mon 12-Mar-07 22:21:59

Think you'd be better of at the Alex but the sounds of it. Algonquin is lovely but rooms not that spacious.

When are you going? We have been last two years in a row but giving it a miss this year as ds is only 9 months old. Eat at Bubba Gumps on Times square. Food great and a very friendly place

Tamum Mon 12-Mar-07 22:24:13

We're going there in 3 weeks, hurrah, but I can't tell you any more than that, sorry. The location is pretty much in the thick of things though, it's near Grand Central.

Soapbox Mon 12-Mar-07 22:25:39

I stayed there just after it first opened

It is slightly out of the middle of things, just round the corner from Grand Central Station, but it is perfectly walkable to most of the main sights/shopping

I really liked it - great suites and all the staff are 'resting' actors, all dressed in black.

I would certainly stay there again, which is always a goiod recommendation I think

fairyjay Tue 13-Mar-07 15:03:44

Thanks Ali - will remember Bubba Gumps - must go there purely for the name!

May see you there Tamum - we're going on 10/4 - can't wait .

The Alex does really appeal to me Soapbox - although we've now got quite a good offer from the Ritz Carlton on Central Park - and I know the kids would love to try and spot some celebs!

OR do we stay somewhere more basic altogether, and have a shopping blowout!! . I'm trying to persuade dh we can do both.

Soapbox Tue 13-Mar-07 15:44:13

Yeah but the Ritz won't have its own kitchen will it

You can buy lovely canapes from Dean and Delucca and champagne for those pre-dinner munchie moments

And stock up on drinks for the children without incurring a $6 a go mini bar charge.

And the Ritz is chinzy!

But it does have a better celeb rating, and is in a good location

Don't forget to take them skating at the Rockerfeller centre - the restuarant which is rink side there is quite good and serves the most divine cocktails. So you can get merrily pissed while they skate to their hearts content

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