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South Africa - oct/nov or xmas? where to go? what to do?

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knakered Sun 11-Mar-07 10:10:57

Planning SA trip with my 4 children (1,6,7,9) - would the weather be good enough last week oct/first Nov - or should I hold out to Xmas? Xmas pros - we could stay a month, weather would be better. Cons more expensive (any idea how much more expensive it would be? more crowded (we would like to self cater -so would this impact us?).

like simple beachside/poolside stuff - not interested in slepping round the garden route ..been there done that. But would like a mini safari or 2/3 day adventure trip?

Anyone know of accomodation agency when I could rent a villa/apt with a pool near a beach ?...boesnt have to be in cape town - emphasis chilled/beautiful "unresorty"

suejonez Sun 11-Mar-07 10:15:28

Depends which part of SA you're going to further north Jo'berg area (or possibly Durban) would deffo be warm enough in Oct/Nov. Cape Town may still be spring like on October from memory so depends whether you want raosting hot or pleasant.

Flights at Xmas are not only expensive but booked a long way in advance so check the flights first that may determine when you can get there. Lots of places around Capetown are unresorty go up the coast to the East.

Will check out safari with my sister she did one from Cape town but I think it may still have ben a flight.

bluesky Sun 18-Mar-07 18:22:08

can recommend

they are incredibly helpful and the website has loads of advice.

they are child-friendly, in fact it is all to do with travelling to and around South Africa with small children.

(and they can get very good plane prices too). I looked around at loads but they still got me cheaper ones.

JoshandJamie Sun 18-Mar-07 19:18:17

Go Oct/Nov - avoid the crowds and ludicrous prices. I'd suggest going to Kwa-Zulu Natal, north coast. You'd find some kind of beachy place plus trips into Hluwhluwe Game Reserve which you can drive around in your own car (better with a 1 year old) or can get escorted trips too I think.

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