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Flying to the US as a large lady

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JulieP1969 Thu 30-Mar-17 17:09:17

Hi all

I'm flying to the US soon and as a rather large person (size 24/26), I'm a little worried about whether I'm going to be allowed to fly without buying an extra seat - which United make you do... I wondered if there was anyone here who has experience of flying as a large person? How do they decide whether you fit or not - at the desk or on the plane?? I fit in a cinema seat without spillage, so hoping I'll squeeze in an airline seat without a problem! smile

Thank you x

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PippkinLDN Thu 30-Mar-17 18:34:59


I don't have personal experience but I would have imagined that if you're ok in a cinema seat then you'll hopefully be ok on the plane?

Some airlines have much larger/wider economy seats than others, United may fall in to that category and then you might be able to travel without the extra expense.

Hopefully someone with direct experience will be able to provide a better answer.

queribus Thu 30-Mar-17 22:15:26

I flew with Virgin in 2015 as a 20/22. I fitted in the seat (just) and there wasn't spillage, but I was so uncomfortable. It was horrible. The seater only just fitted, so be prepared to ask for the extension belt. And the food tray would not go down all the way so it was difficult to eat.

You have my sympathy, but it will be dreadfully uncomfortable unless you go business/upper/first.

Good luck smile

Figment1234 Thu 30-Mar-17 22:26:42

I am the same size as you (a little bit bigger actually) and regularly fly to the US. I would agree that it's not the most comfortable experience, and I do have trouble fitting the tray down, but I manage. I don't find that I overspill the seat, it's more the tray issue.

You may want to try the Seat Guru website as they give you more information on each airline, including the size of seats.

I would say that each aircraft seems different. I usually fly with Virgin and most of the time the seatbelt fits me without problems. However, every so often I end up with a smaller seatbelt than usual. The last time I flew, I had to finally give in and ask for a seat belt extender. I was so embarrassed, but the cabin crew were great, very discreet.

I would very much doubt that you will be asked to purchase an extra seat. As an American airline I expect they are more used to dealing with larger passengers.

BenjaminLinus Sat 01-Apr-17 16:23:23

I think you'll be fine - either tuck the seat belt under your belly so it sits right across the top of your legs, or ask for an extension if you need to. Some tray tables are ok, some will rest on your belly - you just have to hope that the person in front doesn't recline as you're eating.

If you're flying with friends/family then lift the armrest and gain a couple of inches - window seats are good as you won' t feel as if you're 'spilling' into the aisle.

When and where are you going?

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